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Ivory Complexions


Ivory Complexions

Step 1: Choose your base shade

Matte and Semi-matte bases

sunkissed_fair_1_11C- Rosy Ivory (Formerly Sunkissed Fair)- Light skin with rosy undertones

linen_101N- Ivory (Formerly Linen)- Light skin with neutral undertones (Stephanie's match)

light_neutral_1_11W- Golden Ivory (Formerly Light Olive)- Light skin with golden undertones

Jojoba Base

alabaster21C- Alabaster

cream1N- Cream

shell_blanc1W- Shell Blanc

Concealer Shades

cc_swatches_watercolor_vanilla_1_1Cream Concealer Stick- Vanilla

golden_2Mineral Concealer-  Golden Fair


Need help finding your undertone or think you may be in between shades?

Step 2: Swirl Flat Top Brush in chosen base shade, use lid to press and infuse minerals into the base of the brush, then apply to skin in circular motions, repeating this process until you reach your desired level of coverage.


Step 3: Apply Wet Sand Lucent Powder all over lid and under brow bone to highlight with Eye Kabuki Brush.


Step 4: Apply My Place Matte eyeshadow (Coming soon) into crease and blend with Dome Blending Eye Brush.


Step 5: Apply Wild Flower Heaven Cheek Color on top of cheekbone with Dome Blush Brush, two-finger's width away from the nose and blend back into hairline.


Step 5: Apply Sweet Secret Tinted Lip Butter to complete the look.


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  • HI! Hard time choosing right color for me... This girl reminds most my skin color, scandinavian pale, little bit reddish. What colors you recommend and what to avoid? Some of my sample kit colors looks too yellow. For hint, my Joe Blasco color is special lite olive 1/2. In your range, what is closest to that? Thanks, I'm coming to be big fun of EM :)

  • Love your shades! Please, please bring back intensive formula, though. Nothing else works as well.

  • Hi, I just found this site today, placed order for free samples,now after checking faces out lol I may have messed up with choices,hope not lol

  • Hello, I wanted to recreate this look but you no longer carry the Wild Flower Heaven Cheek Color. What blush color is most similar to Wild Flower Heaven Cheek Color?

  • Joanna April 7, 2014

    Hi, I have always worn Sandy Fair and in a pinch, the Sunkissed Fair. You don't have samples of 1C in any formula (semi-matte would be the only one I could use. I loved Original Glo). How do I know what color to order now that Sandy Fair is gone, without samples in the closest colors being available? :( Thanks for your help.

  • Received fee sample but it is too dark for me. It was light medium. What shade should I try for older woman with grey hair? I know I a need cool colors but not sure with your product what they would be. Can you advise me what shades I should try and what all I would need to look nice and not over done

  • Allison May 5, 2014

    I'm really excited to try these powders and find the right color for me. I'm going to try 1C and 1N but I get pinkish-tan in the summer so I want to try a slightly darker base too. Would 2C be a good progression from 1C and 1N? Also, which finishing dust looks best with these colors?

  • Anette June 18, 2014

    Hi! I tried about every color you had once upon a time and "soft butter peach" was the perfect match for me. Usually foundations are either too pink or too yellow for me, the neutrals usually leave me looking ashy and horrible. Could you please tell me what color in your range that is now closest to soft butter peach, or what colors I can mix to get the same result?

  • Tell me how to get the 7 piece sample kit.

  • What is the difference between how the matte and semi-matte appear?

  • Which foundation is best for dry skin? In the summer time, my skin isn't too terribly dry, but still on the dry side, but in the winter it gets much worse, though I try my hardest to keep dry patches at bay, I generally don't wear foundation for this reason. But sometimes you just need something...SO...LOL which base is best for dry skin?

  • I just ordered your free sample kit and purchased the mint corrector. It's in a very small container, are all your other makeup products in the small containers? This won't last long!!

  • Eirin Cecilie September 4, 2014

    Hi! I have ordered a 7-piece kit for 1C/1N, and was wondering about a few things :) 1. which finishing powder is best for 1C/1N? 2. Can the brow colour be used with light complexions (it looks so dark) and blonde hair with blue eyes? 3. Can you combine Mint Colour Corrector for blemishes and Sunlight Colour Corrector for dark circles, or are they not to be used simultaneously? 4. If you use colour correctors, do you also need a concealer? 5. Is Wet Sand what you would use when highlighting and contouring (for highlighting), and is there a substitute when Wet Sand is sold out? 6. Do you carry shimmer eye shadows? Apologies for so many questions, I would just really love to switch to EM for all of my make-up and want to make the right choices :) Thank you in advance!

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