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KISS It (Keep It Simply Simple) Festive Eye Makeup

Fancy some merry-making even if BBQ season is too far away? Well, these eye makeup looks have you covered. 

1. For your holiday blues

So there’s this kind of beautiful holiday blues. With just a couple of tools from your makeup kit, you can get these fun hues for whatever season.

You will be needing the Complimentary Shimmer Eye Shadow and the Cabbie Ride Shimmer Eye Shadow. If you don't have these Everyday Minerals products, you can opt for a deep purple and sultry black shades from your eye shadow palette.

Complimentary Shimmer Eye Shadow Complimentary Shimmer Eye Shadow

Start by priming your eyelids. We’re trying to achieve a high sheen festive look that stays longer for the day; hence, priming is a must. Use Everyday Minerals Complimentary Shimmer Eye Shadow from the lash-line to your crease. Using Cabbie Ride Shimmer Eye Shadow, apply from the outer corner into the crease. Blend both shades together for harmony.

Cabbie Ride Shimmer Eye Shadow Cabbie Ride Shimmer Eye Shadow

Finish with your favorite eyeliner. 

This natural festive eye makeup look works beautifully with a monochromatic blue-shade dress or with just a shirt-and-denim outfit. 

2. Fun bronzy eye makeup

This day time look is great for outdoors and late afternoon strolls. Pick a deep bronze shade from your eyeshadow palette. Create a shadow on the crease of your lids. Apply Everyday Minerals Hello Waves Shimmer Eye Shadow onto the lids and inner corner. Highlight your cheeks with your go-to highlighter, like our favorite Brighten Up Luminous Blush. Finish the look with a neutral lip gloss shade like our Innovator shade. 


3. Festive cat eyes

Here's a festive take on the cat eye look. Instead of using an eyeliner, use a darker-toned Everyday Mineral shimmer eyeshadow. We recommend: Tears of Joy, One Piece of My Heart or Vows Exchanged to create the wing line for the cat eye look. See? Fancy and festive!

Festive Cat Eyes Makeup Look

4. KISS It (Keep It Simply Simple) Festive Eye Makeup

This one will remind you of Christmas tree hunting. For this look you need a mauve-toned eyeshadow like our Alps Be There 4U Shimmer Eye Shadow. Prime your lids and apply the eyeshadow. Add those falsies and you get a soft tone festive look.

Alps Be There 4U Shimmer Eye Shadow Alps Be There 4U Shimmer Eye Shadow

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