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Light Complexions


Light Complexions

Step 1: Choose your base shade

Matte and Semi-matte bases

multi_tasking_neutral_2_12C- Rosy Light (Formerly Multi-tasking Neutral)- Light skin with rosy undertones

fairly_light_neutral_32N- Light (Formerly Fairly Light Neutral)- Light skin with neutral undertones

light_neutral_42C- Golden Light (Formerly Light Neutral)- Light skin with golden undertones (Allison's match)

Jojoba Base:

vanilla2C- Vanilla

bare_12W- Bare (Allison's Match)

Concealer Shades

nude_1Cream Concealer Stick- Nude

fairly_light_1Mineral Concealer- Fairly Light


Need help finding your undertone or think you may be in between shades?

Step 2: Swirl Flat Top Brush in chosen base shade, use lid to press and infuse minerals into the base of the brush, then apply to skin in circular motions, repeating this process until you reach your desired level of coverage.


Step 3: Apply Jane Eyre Eye Shadow all over lid with Everyday Eye Shadow Brush.


Step 4: Apply Snuggle Cheek Color on top of cheekbone with Dome Blush Brush, two-finger's width away from the nose and blend back into hairline.


Step 5: Apply Spring Berries Tinted Lip Butter to complete the look.





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  • Hello! I'd like to know if this is anywhere close to the Olive Fair from the semi matte line. Also, will Vanilla match my Olive Fair complexion? Thank you!

  • Cristina March 2, 2014

    Thank you, guys!

  • Ludmila March 8, 2014

    Hi! I'm interested in powder powder to tone and even two darker than Neutral Multi-tasking?

  • Brook May 15, 2014

    I'm at a loss at what color I am. I used the rosy ivory 1C in my sample kit, but now that it's summer and I'm getting a lot of sun I'm not sure what color to try. What's one shade darker than that or possibly two? Please help, LOVE the product and want to order ASAP

  • Hi there! Would you please help me find my new shade? I've been using Winged Butter in Semi-Matte. Which color do I choose now? Thank you!

  • Lisa truitt August 1, 2014

    Can't find my shade! I'm light or fair olive depending on season. Has my shade changed names? Please advise what colors to purchase. Thanks!

  • I'm thinking I'm either light or beige complexion. Which one should I get? Or when is the next time one of your reps will be at a Whole Foods? I apparently missed them earlier this year :(

  • stephanie October 20, 2014

    I've been using Olive Medium for the past few years.. Now that all the names have changed I'm confused on which ones are for yellow undertones, couldn't you please tell me which would be the closest match to Olive Medium?

  • Hi, I'm wondering what the closest Jojoba shade is to the matte Golden Light?

  • I am trying to figure out what concealer I should go with, I have circles under eyes and red cheeks and tip of nose. Would love help with this. I am fair to light skin in bare minerals for a color point.

  • I use Sand on Jojoba base and like it very much. Could you let me know what the shade is on the new Jojoba base? Seems 3w is a little bit darker than Sand. Thank you.

  • I am not asian but have dark blonde to light golden brown hair and light skin with h
    Golden tones. Ivoru shades look white and part on me. Would these shades work for me?

  • Ivory shades look white and pasty that is.... Typing this on my phone

  • Soft butter peach used to be a perfect match but was discontinued

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