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  • What Is Hurraw! Lip Balm?
    These lip-loving treats are created with organic, vegan, & raw ingredients - like Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Cacao Seed Butter, Olive Fruit Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. And what about the color in the tinted balms? Natural cold-pressed plant oils. Their motto? "Let's put the concept ahead of the profit, the user ahead of the maker, the collective ahead of the individual."

    Meet the balms themselves...

    Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm
    A lip balm of its own rights. The Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm will remind you of the east side orchards of Montana's Flathead Lake. Tasty and healthy, for a smooth nourishment for all seasons. Comes in gorgeous deep red-toned sheer tint.

    Chocolate Tinted Lip Balm
    I don't like chocolate, said no one ever. We love the unsweetened chocolate mix in Hurraw! Chocolate Lip Balm. Hurraw! added some coco oil and jojoba seed oil in this tasty healthy lip treat. The kind of lip balm that you can’t live without. Take this with you for that all-day moisture.

    Earl Grey Tinted Lip Balm
    Love the tea that the Brits so raved about? HURRAW! turns that goodness into this lovely Earl Grey Lip Balm. They've added the uplifting scent of Italian Bergamot oranges so your lips feels light and good. Plus some green tea and chai spice which makes this lip balm a delicious treat. If you need a serious dose of yumminess and moisture -- this is it. Read more

  • Let’s face it, we all crave a healthy, radiant glow in our complexion. We’re often taught that to achieve the appearance of incredibly dewy skin, we need to AT LEAST double the amount of product we put on our skin. Well, we’ve got news - you don’t need to wear a thick “mask” of product on your face to get this inner glow. We’re going to show you another route… Read more

  • Loving yourself first is the most important decision you can make this Valentine's Day. Whether the day's plans consist of dressing up for an extra special date with the love of your life, a long-awaited evening out on the town with your closest girlfriends or a mellow night in with a pre-ordered box of chocolates & Sleepless In Seattle on Netflix...remember, the day begins with a little love and appreciation to YOU. Feel loved by you. Look good for you. In our book, Valentine's Day is a reminder of how beautiful you are, and all that brings you joy. Read more

  • Summer seems to pass as fast as its everyday’s blissful sunset. Come autumn, another beautiful season of occasional grey skies. We can hear it calling for us, tempting us to scour through our wardrobes for the cosiest knits.  Read more

  • Budget Friendly Minis + Customize
    Full Size Makeup Bag Essentials

    There is something about that rosy cheek flushed makeup look that is so captivating to the eyes. They’re just so fresh and natural, wouldn’t you agree?  Read more

  • Fancy some merry-making even if BBQ season is too far away? Well, these eye makeup looks have you covered.  Read more

  • To make your skin look as if it’s glowing from within, there are a few important steps you must take to achieve this. True beauty comes from within, and the best remedy for acne-prone or a mature complexion is a good balance of fruits and vegetables in your diet. It’s true that the raw, plant-based foodies tend to have the most amazing skin as they age! With this huge complexion helper incorporated carefully into your current eating habits, you may not want to turn back. Along with this, we can definitely help with mastering the art of getting a youthful, dewy look.

    Three simple steps is all it takes. Literally. Using the Blender Face Brush, glide on the Everyday Minerals Hint All Over Shimmer. Follow up with our Polished All Over Shimmer for a natural and subtle bronze glow. Lastly, apply, in a circular motion, your choice of one of our Luminous Blushes. That's all it takes! Read more

  • A lot of us try real hard our first day at work to look good. We try to look better than everyone else, actually. More often than not, this sucks up a lot of our time. Ughhh precious time. So what is the key to preventing this? Restricting yourself to a limited set time is the best way to cutting down time wasted. Sure it takes some of us longer to complete a look than others, but if we set a timer there is no doubt that we will avoid lollygagging. Knowing the products in which you will be using beforehand also saves time deciding when you really need to just get them on and actually look good rather than rushed and sloppy (ever have those days, anyone?). Fewer products for mornings on a tight schedule may sound right and an easy fix, but if you get yourself to be disciplined enough, then your only concern is time management with your usual amount of products. Simple looks can be accomplished in little time, and keep you looking amazing all day too. Read more

  • Here’s to some thinking-in-a-new-box inspo. Blush on my eyes? Whaaatt!! It can be done. And, done well. Is there a trick? Yes. Love the shade you choose. Feeling good in what you wear (even when it comes to makeup) shows. Read more

  • At this time of year, the pastel shades shades are full-blown. Brighter and bolder than usual, you won’t want to be left out. We’ve gathered a list of our favorites in the 100% natural pastel eye shadow department. From soft, silky Velvet to exquisite, everyday wearable Shimmer, you are bound to love a few of our picks, and even feel the urge to share with girlfriends! Choose individual shades you love the most, create your own kit, or find them in our Everyday Collections. Read more