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Loving Purple Hues

We are currently loving purple hues, and have plenty of them. For those of us who have no borders to inhibit our creative side, we owe it to each of you. Inspiration comes from everywhere, it’s literally all around, but what hits us hard is more often than not something that strikes us as different. It’s memorable. This shade is just not something we see every day on our way to work or at the grocery store; though perhaps at a concert or a hip event, yes. But, today is a day of outspoken opinion, everyone will make their own impression of you, and it’s your place to set the tone, not be concerned. If you happen to LOVE the shade of purple in some variation, well then, share that with the world! No matter what your age is, you always deserve a little fun! Purple speaks boldness, whether subtle but nevertheless determinedly there, or deep and entrancing, it is a shade that requires a confident wearer. And boy, do we look up to those!

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