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Makeup Candy

Makeup is like a collection of candies, except, ours are actually good for you. So, eat up. With an oh-so-good variation of colors and individual uses (or fruity flavors, like the naturally yummy recipe in our Tinted Lip Balms) to satisfy an area needing attention, it’s kind of too good to resist.
Having trouble deciding? Well, that’s the way it goes with candy picking. When each product looks so delicious and you know it’s good for you (no petro chemicals, lake dyes, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic fragrances, SLS, mineral oil, paraffin wax), it’s all the more difficult to decide on which items will be most suiting to you. For skin perfecting lovers we offer a range of All Over Shimmers, Primers, and of course, Finishing Powders. For basic grab-and-go consumers, a variety of Base Shades can be found for all complexions, and velvety-smooth, lightly-pigmented Tinted Lip Balms. For those desperately craving a cover up, never fear, we have a selection of Mineral Concealers as well as Color Correcting magic. And lastly, if you’re the daring kind to try something a little more bold, we have new (and quite stunning too) Luminous Blushes and gorgeous color-popping Eye Shadow Collections.

Still a little overwhelmed here? Take a look at @everydayminerals for inspo and more to love. Also, don’t be shy to tag us! We love seeing fans wearing and enjoying our products. And who knows, your image might just get reposted. Anyway, enjoy browsing our planet-friendly treats!

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