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Matte Or Luminous Blush?

Visiting our CHEEK array may leave you wondering a bit, Matte or Luminous? Which is best? For everyone, one will certainly dominate the other. Can this be predetermined? Not sirprisingly, it all comes down to pure preference.

When it comes to deciding, it is normally best to think of how you would wear your blush. Do you use blush as the focus point on your face? Do you prefer a light, barely noticeable blush or a more prominent stroke of color? Do you usually opt for a matte eye look or a shimmer one? In this case, it’s best to keep everything in balance, so generally speaking, pair a shimmer eye look with a matte blush and vice versa. Ask yourself, what kind of statement are you looking to make?

For newbies in the land of Luminous, we have a few starter suggestions for you. Already There is a soft dusty pink with an iridescent gold luster, perfect for looking au naturel and ready to go anywhere.

You Sand Me is a fair, cheery pink for the feminine beauty looking for a natural blush enhancer. An iridescent gold luster adds depth to this subtle shade.

I’m Taken is the staple pink with an iridescent gold luster that keeps everyone wondering…and looking. This shade is versatile for both natural daytime makeup looks, and more bold evening looks.

For loyal matte wearers we recommend At First Blush, a pure pink, bright and bringing sun-kissed warm accents. This is a great starting matte blush with us, but don’t limit yourself here, shop our entire Matte Blush Collection here.

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