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Medium Complexions

Step 1: Choose your base shade

Choose the right formula - Matte, Semi-matte, or Jojoba.

  • Rosy Medium 4C (Formerly Medium) - Medium skin with rosy undertones
  • Medium 4N (Formerly Beige Neutral) - Medium skin with neutral undertones (Carly's match)
  • Golden Medium 4W (Formerly Light Medium) - Medium skin with golden undertones

Concealer Shades

Need help finding your undertone or think you may be in between shades?

Step 2:

Swirl Flat Top Brush in chosen base shade, use lid to press and infuse minerals into the base of the brush, then apply to skin in circular motions, repeating this process until you reach your desired level of coverage.

Medium Complexions Look Step 2 by Everyday Minerals

Step 3:

Apply Spiritual Shimmer Eye Shadow all over lid with Everyday Eye Shadow Brush.

Medium Complexions Makeup Look Step 3 by Everyday Minerals

Step 4:

Apply Poised to Perfection Skin Tint on top of cheekbone with Blender Face Brush, two-finger's width away from the nose and blend back into hairline.

Medium Complexions Makeup Look Step 4 by Everyday Minerals

Step 5:

Apply Caring Honey Tinted Lip Butter to complete the look.

Medium Complexions Step 5 by Everyday Minerals

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  • I currently use medium beige neutral in matte finish. What is the corresponding new name that I can order? And what is one shade lighter than medium beige neutral? Thanks!

  • I tried fairly light neutral but don't know what this corresponds to in the new naming? What is the shade darker than fairly light neutral?

  • What's the differences between jojoba base and using the matte or semi matte power.

  • Sue Simpson August 31, 2014

    I am 64 and retired. I really do not wear make-up anymore. Raising two small grandkids, When We go to a wedding or a special occasion like a wedding, etc. I usually just wear mascara. I would LIKE to try one of your mineral powder foundations to add with the mascara for special occations, not everyday wear. I have a closup picture of my face I can send someone. I just always have a hard time deciding what COLOR foundation powder to get. If I had to GUESS, I would say that I am a medium cool face. But would like to get another opinion. Is it possible to send my face pix?

  • Hi, my name is iza I love your brushes! But I'm looking for my shade and I need help. I think I look good with honey and for sure 3w is to light but medium tan was too dark. So if you can give me advice on other colors I could try. Honey is good but I feel like it's kinda peachy. All help is good thanks.

  • Sue Barth October 23, 2014

    I'm trying to figure out what shades would work with an olive complexion. What is the differene between the matte, semi-matte, and jojoba base? I'm 50 and my skin tends to be dry in the winter months.

  • I used to use the IT base in multitasking neutral, I believe it was called. Can you tell me which shade would be compatible in the jojoba base?

  • I currently use golden by Sheer Cover. What color would match? Also, do you offer samples of your mineral foundation?

  • Hi EM, I used to use IT base in Golden Medium for a few years and was always in love with how true the shade matched my skin and when that ran out I tried purchasing a new base and found it you don't have that anymore. So I went ahead buying the Semi Matte Golden Medium but somehow found that it is not as yellow as my previous IT Golden Medium?? I've tried Jojoba base before and don't really prefer it, can you suggest something that is the exact shade as the IT Golden Medium? Thanks!!

  • If I am a 4N semi-matte foundation, which concealer would best match me? In this description it is paired with medium beige, but in the concealer section, it says that medium concealer is suited for medium skin tones and medium beige for beige skin tones. Thank you!

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