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Musical Muse Vol. 1 with Georgina Leahy


We are so excited to launch our Musical Muses campaign, the first in a series of initiatives designed to nurture the creativity and talent of women artists everywhere. To start, we chose the catchy track "Kicks" by our first muse, the talented up-and-coming British songstress Georgina Leahy. We'll be releasing exclusive tracks from our other two muses in the coming months.  Learn more about the campaign here.

I handpicked Georgina as our first muse because she is so passionate about her craft, plus her creativity is just so darn infectious! She recently toured with the legendary Adam Ant, and she really displays her retro-chic and fun-loving side in "Kicks." The song is a cover version of the '60s garage rock classic, which she put her own spin on because she believed that the lyrics were extremely relevant to current times. Plus, her '60s influences - from Edie Sedgwick to the Beatles - and eclectic style make Georgie a perfect fit for the EM family.

Read on for an exclusive interview with Georgina, and enjoy!


1.  Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the song?

I love the song 'Kicks' because if you didn't listen to the words you would think it was a really cheerful, happy, positive tune, but when you dig a little deeper and really listen to the lyrics, the poignant dark message resonates. This gives me a lot to work with.

2.  Tell us about how you made the song happen. Who was involved and how did the recording go?

Stephen Heath and I have been experimenting  with 'Kicks,' slowing parts down to bring out the dark message but keeping the bright rhythmic chorus so the song maintains its magic. We are thinking of adding harmonica next.

3.  How would you describe your beauty style in relation to your music? Are there any themes you follow that help define your style?

I love experimenting. Everyday I dress differently because everyday I feel different. This is reflected in my music, especially with my lyrics as I always have something different I would like to say about what I am feeling.

4. What is your favorite color palette right now and how do you use those colors with your look and with your art?

I love bright lipstick so even if I am barely wearing any other makeup my lips will pop bright red, orange, pink, purple. I love 1960's style make up, Edie Sedgwick is my style inspiration, and musically I am highly influenced by the '60s. I love the Beatles; who doesn't?

5.  We are so thrilled to be collaborating with you in such a creative way, can you tell us (future, past, or present) someone that you’d love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Bob Dylan! He is amazing, so organic and his lyrics blow my mind. Should I stop at one, or continue as I could go on forever?! The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, Blondie, The Arctic Monkeys, The Black keys, Paulo Nutini, John Mayer, Britney Spears, Bon Jovi, Stevie Nicks, Awolnation, Hot Chip, Kasabian, Bruno Mars, Steven Tyler, The Stone Roses: I could go on forever!

6.  We believe all women are artists by nature, and just love to hear about personal achievements in a creative lifestyle, can you recall when you first realized that you were inspired to perform and create music?

I began dancing at the tender age of two. Singing and acting swiftly followed suit. My first show was the opera Aida when I was five, on press night when Aida was performing her solo at the end of act one, I ran on stage sat right in front of her in her spotlight and fanned myself. That's when I knew I had to be on stage. The first single I bought was Shiny Happy People by REM when I was five, and it's still my favorite song.

7.  What are your favorite beauty products for when you are on the road or even during your performance?

Like I mentioned before, bright lipstick. A big pair of shades and bright lippie can hide your tiredness. A good bronzer or blusher is essential too, highlight those cheekbones ladies. On stage I am all about the fake eyelashes. I love the huge 1960's style lash, your eyes will be seen by the back row.

8.  Do you have any helpful words or advice you can give to other women who want to further pursue the arts?

Believe in yourself! If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. And just create. Don't wait for someone to represent you or assist, just make music, keep a notebook with you all the time and just write lyrics, thoughts and feelings. Being an artist is a full time job that never stops, live and love every minute of it!

Here's a link to her new single. Check it out and love her as much as we do.


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