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Natural Tinted Lip Balms - Giveaway

We're having quite a dreamy day, now that our latest lovely little collection of lip balms is ready for you!

All Natural and Vegan Ingredients

This delicious assortment of balms has been quite the labor of love, as we've spent countless hours adding in the perfect finishing touches. We just adore their fresh berry fruit aroma, which is thanks to the essential extracts of pomegranate, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon peel, and orange peel.

These extracts provide the highest level of nourishment, ensuring that your lips are left hydrated, silky smooth, and with the most natural splash of darling color! With shades ranging from delicate peach to bold berry, the loveliest pinks and barely-there nudes, there's a shade to fit every mood.

A few of our (not-so-secret) weapons? Amazing plant extracts from pomegranate, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon peel and orange peel create my luscious, fresh berry scent. Yum! Candelilla wax, a vegan wax, seals in softening moisture and is naturally long-lasting. Calendula flower has antioxidants and essential oils that give a smooth texture and pout-pampering nourishment your lips will love.

We can't wait for you to try these new beauties!

What is your favorite makeup tip that you'd like to share with EM fans?

Reply here and one of you will be gifted 5 random shades of our new Tinted Lip Balms. The gifted recipient will be announced on Friday, 4/8/2016.

Update: this is Friday. Thanks for so many wonderful tips! We are now ready to announce the winner. The prize goes to Andrea with a tip "If I want more coverage, I'll start with EM primer in yellow, follow with EM shade of choice. Finish with a light tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (I like Paula's Choice)."
Winner of Everyday Minerals Giveaway

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  • Bridget Brewer April 7, 2016

    love all of these and they are so convenient.

  • One of my favorite makeup tips is applying mineral powder foundation with a slightly damp foundation brush for heavier coverage under the eyes and over blemishes. Wait a minute for it to dry, then take a makeup sponge or a dry powder brush to blend any rough edges if needed. Use a light and gentle hand. To ensure smoothest application, it also helps to pour a little powder into the cap and then swirl the damp foundation brush into powder and then apply a little on the back of the hand to wipe off excess and test coverage before applying to face). After blending, apply a finishing powder to complete the look!

  • Petra Carden April 7, 2016

    Always put makeup on a moisturized face. I use a variety if natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and a little tiny bit of frankincense essential oil to wash my face (gently rub in, then use a hot wet washcloth to gently rub it in/off)... This leaves my skin cleaner than it ever was with commercial face washes, and a perfectly moisturized canvas for applying my makeup. :)

  • Doreen April 7, 2016

    A tiny bit of concealer around and under nostrils gets rid if redness. Blend,blend,blend

  • Are your tinted lip balms a stand alone, or do you have another lip product you recommend they be layered with?

  • Ana Maria Vander Vloedt April 7, 2016

    I LOVE the tinted lip balms! Not only do they smell good, but they also look great! I always have a couple in my purse for touch ups throughout the day!

  • I don't have a lot of tips but I do love using coconut oil on my face before applying makeup!

  • Are the tinted lip balms a stand alone, or do you have other lip products you recommend layering? I am brand new to Everyday Minerals.

  • Lauran Maggard April 7, 2016

    I can't wait to try these!!!!

  • Sabrina April 7, 2016

    The yellow corrector really gets rid of red blotches. It is a must have.

  • Mileida April 7, 2016

    Always, always moisturize and apply sunscreen. After cleaning my face i apply a light serum or plain argan oil then moisturizer with spf. A healthy and fresh face equals an outstanding makeup.

  • Linneth April 7, 2016

    My favorite makeup tip is to use a lipstick and then put tinted lip balms over, for a fresh and long lasting finish.

  • Lisa Seibert April 7, 2016

    Add a little extra foundation applied with a concealer brush to dark and red areas for an easy concealing option on busy days.I keep the brush handy after I'm done for touch ups after I finish my eyes too!

  • I knowwww this sounds odd, but for a primer, most affordable is Monistat Complete Care Chafing Gel. Sounds Crazy but it's true!!!

  • My top is a bit different since I'm waiting for my first shipment. I watched the video and went through the questionnaire to get the correct shade for my skin tone & it was super helpful.

  • E Proby April 7, 2016

    Run the mascara between your pinched index finger and thumb before applying. It removes the excess goop and reduces clumps on your eyelashes

  • Debbie April 7, 2016

    I am 56 and new to wearing mineral make-up so all these tips are good for me. But for the most part, I do whatever my daughter tells me. The part I like best is that by swirling with the brush, it doesn't tug at my skin. I'm still in the sample stage finding the right colors for my skin tone but I adore the lip balm I chose! It lasts for a long time and smells so good.

  • My tip is a bit different since I'm waiting for my first shipment. I watched the video and went through the questionnaire to get the correct shade for my skin tone & it was super helpful.

  • Andrea Koeneman April 7, 2016

    This one is for the 40 something girls...
    Apply natural moisturizer with or without sunblock, allow to dry. Then apply a natural GF primer such as EM, then apply your makeup. After your powder or liquid makeup is finished, apply a dot of primer lightly over the creases near your eyes, brows, and smile lines. This will smooth over wrinkles and creases for a nice youthful finish. I have Celiac Disease and cannot use products containing gluten. I love the
    Everyday Minerals products!

  • Aubrey April 7, 2016

    I can't wait to get some of these - when will these be in whole foods locations in Dallas - I have some discontinued lip butters and NEED these new lip balms <3

  • Leslie April 7, 2016

    I put a small dollop of sunscreen in my palm, then scoop in my 2 mineral powder foundations that I like mixed together,mix it with my finger and apply. I've got my sunscreen and makeup steps done.

  • All the colors of the lip balm is very nice . They are compact size for purse . Blissful and jingle looks very nice

  • Always use a bit of foundation just buff a little powder foundation like semi matte base and hint of lip balm even if the day doesn't require any makeup this will definitely brighten up the face.

  • Kristina April 7, 2016

    I mix a little bit of the Mint Jojoba Color Corrector with my foundation. The subtle green tint helps to mask/neutralize the slight redness in my skin.

  • I'm so excited whenever Everyday Minerals comes out with new products or shades! All of their products are very high quality and have worked better for me than any other cosmetics. I use their powder, blush, bronzer, and shimmer for a highlight- all of this with no skin irritation because all of the ingredients are kind to the skin. Thank you for your products! I plan on being a customer for life.

  • Kim Lund April 7, 2016

    I love these tinted lip balms, some of them smell so good!

  • Leilani Olsen April 7, 2016

    One of the most important things for me is to set my makeup. I like to use a little rose water in a spray bottle. Then brush on a finishing powder when it's dry.

  • Whitney April 7, 2016

    Only wear makeup for yourself on your own terms. People have their opinions, but only yours matters. So, look good and feel awesome your own way.

  • andrea April 7, 2016

    If I want more coverage, I'll start with EM primer in yellow, follow with EM shade of choice. Finish with a light tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (I like Paula's Choice).

  • Valerie D. April 7, 2016

    My favorite makeup tip is using tape as a stencil to make a defined eyeshadow shape or to make a defined winged-out eyeliner look. I use surgical tape that can be found at local pharmacy stores such as CVS because it is actually designed for the skin and is easy to remove.

  • My makeup tip is to play around with multitasking - see how (if it's lip safe) cream blushes look great on lips, or how lip balms can add a nice color to the cheeks!

  • Theresa Argan April 7, 2016

    I love all of the products from this line! It's awesome to see a company with so many vegan products growing so well! Love this company!

  • My favorite makeup tip is more of a beauty tip. It's that you should always hydrate your lips as well when you hydrate your face. Putting on moisturising lip balm before I go to sleep helps me with that. And now these lip balms can help me with that as well, especially when I want to take care of my lips and make them look beautiful at the same time.

  • Amber Mercer April 7, 2016

    Use clear mascara for lashes and eyebrows. Use fav lipstick for blush and eye shadow for your get up and go from a late night. Always have a white eyeliner or shadow. This is a miracle tool. Use on inner eye lids under brows sometimes can help as a concealer under foundations when in a pinch.

  • Charissa Cleveland April 7, 2016

    I love finishing my look with a little all over shimmer or finishing dust from EM around my eyes and at the top of my cheekbones. It instantly brightens and freshens up your look, and it can make me look more wide awake!

  • Bethany April 7, 2016

    Always wash your brushes. Keep them nice and clean. Use a nice soft soap (like your shampoo) and warm water to rid the bristles of all the nasty you don't want mixed in with your amazing Everyday Minerals makeup and on your beautiful face. Wash until the suds are nice and white with no excess makeup tint. It's a simple process that takes only a few min and little effort, and its important for your skin health. So don't put it off. Love the tools you use and they will love you back even more! :D
    You are worth it!

  • Phylicia kostner April 7, 2016

    The best makeup tip that changed my whole look of my fave was when you apply concealer to under your eyes, instead of doing a half moon right under your eye make an king triangle shape that goes across the base of your eye and then the point of the triangle comes down parallel to your nose. It really helps to conceal all those dark eyes from us tired mamas a lot better!

  • Last Christmas I gifted all my friends with a lip balm, they are my favorite! Also so glad to see your products at Whole Foods!

  • I lOVE them all. Everyday Minerals has been the best makeup I have ever used!!

  • I just love the texture and color of Adore tinted lip balm. I have very yellow undertones and reddish hair with green eyes. This color is perfect. The world is full of pinks, but the rare soft quince color that balances warm and cool is a wonderful find!

  • My favorite tip is to remember that 80% of what you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body. Make sure you're okay with eating the ingredients you put on your skin ;)

  • Anna Kühn April 7, 2016

    A good brow makes half of the look! If you are in a hurry use tinted lip balm as blush.

  • Always use sun screen before applying your Everyday Minerals base

  • Karen K April 7, 2016

    my favourite makeup tip to share is to layer blush - after applying a glowy blush color to the cheeks, let it settle while you apply your other makeup, then apply a 2nd light touch of powder blush to cheeks & temple. The layering helps it look more natural. ps love the idea of a natural lip balm!

  • Stephanie Hickman April 7, 2016

    I loved the sample kit. It's, by far, my favorite makeup to date. Not only leaving my face softer and smoother than it was with other foundations, EveryDay Minerals looks great, covers red spots, ache, and freckles completely without causing additional breakouts I have to fret over every time I don't preform a full face cleaning regiment after a long day. I'm so excited to receive my full order.

  • Leanna April 7, 2016

    I love how easy these look to apply! & the colors are so pretty. I am a big fan of your mineral makeup and would like to try out your other products!

  • Charissa April 7, 2016

    A great (and cheap!) exfoliator is white sugar mixed with a little coconut oil. I use this on top of my normal oil cleanser and then clean everything off together with a wash cloth. It makes my skin super soft!

  • Heidi Young April 7, 2016

    Before applying makeup, I like to apply a moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acids to encourage skin exfoliation and new skin growth. :)

  • Laura Martin April 7, 2016

    Always moisturize before applying any makeup, then use an eyelid primer before applying your under-eye concealer. This will keep your concealer from caking and leaving creases under your eyes.

  • Coconut oil as a makeup remover. Chemical free and works amazing, even for stubborn eyeliner! It's also the only facial+body moisturizer I use

  • Always fill in your eyebrows - they are the "frame" to your face and full brows make you look younger. (make sure to go a little lighter in shade than you think you might need, too dark=not good!) I like to use a combo of brow powder and pencil, then brush through with a spoolie brush to blend, then set it with a clear or colored eyebrow gel.

  • Donna F. April 7, 2016

    Many people apply foundation, then concealer. But it's actually better to apply concealer where you need it first because you end up using less foundation this way.

  • The best beauty tip I've heard is that a smile perfects any makeup look! And a shimmery lip gloss is always a beautiful way to enhance that smile.

  • I love this line. Wearing lip balm that smells natural is always more comforting than ones the smell of chemicals. Tinted lip balms are my favourite sort - perfect for getting way with colour at school!

  • Always apply your makeup onto a fresh face! It's so important to cleanse and moisturize, ensuring that your skin will look great underneath makeup because if your skin doesn't look great, neither will your makeup.

  • mix blush colors with bronzers or finishing powders get new blush colors

  • Looks and sounds simply amazing! Can't wait to try this product!!!!

  • Sarah Anderton April 7, 2016

    My makeup application tip is for those of us that use eyelash curlers - I use it 3 times on each eye - once as close to my eye as possible, once in the middle, and last at the very tips of my lashes! Try it out for super curled lashes

  • I am new to EM, but thoroughly enjoying how light & soft the makeup feels on my face. My tip would be for those of us trying to make our lips look fuller - I lightly line my lips (as crazy as it sounds) with purple eyeliner to define & draw my lips where I want them. The purple-ish tone seems to brighten the skin tone on my lips. I apply the lip balm over the liner, sort of blending as I put it on until you can't see the purple. Then I use a clear lip balm or lip gloss over the top. Mine lasts all day & look full & more youthful.

  • Chelle April 7, 2016

    I've been a huge fan of EM for quite a while :) My tip is to mix coconut oil and EM eye shadow to create a quick lip shimmer. Great for nudes or peachy colors.

  • Stephanie Hickman April 7, 2016

    My lashes have thinned over the years, so I do two steps to achieve a fuller, more beautiful, and plush look without falsies. 1-Wiggle the brush at the base of the lashes before continuing to the tips. 2-Do a second coat with a different mascara to thicken and separate to personal taste. (No liner required until you're ready to amp up for a night out)
    All the little tricks I know for applying foundation have already been posted except for one. 1-Thanks to the Sample Kit, I want EveryDay Minerals. Not only does it leave my face softer and smoother than any other foundation has, it looks great, covers red spots, ache, and freckles without feeling cakey or causing additional breakouts for me to fret over every time I don't preform a full facial after a long day. Now that I have the money, I'm so excited to receive a full order!

  • Kathleen April 7, 2016

    My biggest tip is to always make sure that your neck and face color match and blend it in very well. I hate seeing women with very obvious makeup lines at their chins.

  • Terra Stamy April 8, 2016

    MOISTURIZE! I exfoliate a couple times a week with a very gentle scrub and use organic squalane oil to soften and smooth. I wait about ten minutes and apply my perfectly matched Natural Minerals. Make-up goes on smooth and skin looks perfect!

  • Margarita April 8, 2016

    The colors seem nice! Can't wait to try these balms!

  • Katrina April 8, 2016

    My mascara tends to get thick and clumpy, so I simply run the tube under hot water for a minute or so before applying it. No more clumps! It spreads on the lashes like butter!

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