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New Matte and Semi-matte Base Names

We are super excited to let you know that since 2014, it's easier than ever to find your perfect base - in a flash! We've revolutionized the concept of effortlessly identifying which base shade is your absolute ideal match, with our newly developed naming system for our foundation colors. With this advanced color system, you can easily locate your true match quickly and easily..

Already know your perfect shade? Don't worry, our previous foundation shade names will be listed next to the new ones until you get accustomed to the switch!

Below you can find the table of all the new shade names and corresponding old names for you to easily find your favorite one

In addition to the new color system, we're going back to our roots. You loved the original formulation of our Matte and Semi-matte bases, and we've heard you! These "Real Simple" award-winning new shades incorporate everything that you love about our range of bases, and offer the same coverage you love, with fewer ingredients. Plus, they are now available at Whole Foods! We've taken what you've told us you loved most about our classic formula, such as the tones and pigment qualities, and revitalized them in a fresh and new way. The bases are now organized in a way that you can clearly differentiate between warm and cool tones and the level of depth (lightness or darkness) you need. If you hesitate which shade is your perfect match, use our Base Finder Tool. Once you pass the quiz you will have shades selected for you, which you can get free to try yourself at home, just pay for shipping.

Everyday Minerals Matte and Semi-Matte Bases

Order of tones from lightest to darkest: Fair (0), Ivory (1), Light (2), Beige (3), Medium (4), Tan (5), Almond (6), Bronze (7)

They are also organized based on undertones: Golden (W), Rosy (C) and Neutral. Need help finding your undertones?

We hope that you find this new system incredibly helpful in identifying your perfect base, and that you enjoy the new Matte and Semi-Matte Bases as much as we do!

Here's a list of the new and old shade names. Also the same system applies to our Jojoba bases

Neutral Tones

Fair 0N formerly Fair Neutra Base by Everyday Minerals Fair 0N formerly Fair Neutral
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Ivory 1N Base formerly Linen by Everyday Minerals Ivory 1N formerly Linen
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Light 2N Base formerly Fairly Light Neutral by Everyday Minerals Light 2N formerly Fairly Light Neutral
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Beige 3N Base formerly Failry Light by Everyday Minerals Beige 3N formerly Failry Light
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Medium 4N Base formerly Beige Neutral by Everyday Minerals Medium 4N formerly Beige Neutral
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Tan 5N Base formerly Medium Beige by Everyday Minerals Tan 5N formerly Medium Beige
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Almond 6N Base by Everyday Minerals Almond 6N
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Bronze 7N Base by Everyday Minerals Bronze 7N
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba

Golden Tones

Golden Fair 0W Base by Everyday Minerals Golden Fair 0W formerly Golden Fair
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Golden Ivory 1W Base formerly Light Olive by Everyday Minerals Golden Ivory 1W formerly Light Olive
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Golden Light 2W Base formerly Light Neutral by Everyday Minerals Golden Light 2W formerly Light Neutral
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Golden Beige 3W Base formerly Buttered Tan by Everyday Minerals Golden Beige 3W formerly Buttered Tan
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Golden Medium 4W Base formerly Light Medium by Everyday Minerals Golden Medium 4W formerly Light Medium
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Golden Tan 5W Base formerly Medium Tan by Everyday Minerals Golden Tan 5W formerly Medium Tan
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Golden Almond 6W Base  formerly Tan by Everyday Minerals Golden Almond 6W formerly Tan
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Golden Bronze 7W Base by Everyday Minerals Golden Bronze 7W
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba

Cool Tones

Rosy Fair 0C Base formerly Fair by Everyday Minerals Rosy Fair 0C formerly Fair
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Rosy Ivory 1C Base formerly Sunkissed by Everyday Minerals Rosy Ivory 1C formerly Sunkissed
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Rosy Light 2C Base formerly Multi-Tasking Neutral by Everyday Minerals Rosy Light 2C formerly Multi-Tasking Neutral
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Rosy Beige 3C Base formerly Fair Medium by Everyday Minerals Rosy Beige 3C formerly Fair Medium
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Rosy Medium 4C Base formerly Medium by Everyday Minerals Rosy Medium 4C formerly Medium
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Rosy Tan 5C Base formerly Light Tan by Everyday Minerals Rosy Tan 5C formerly Light Tan
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Rosy Almond 6C Base by Everyday Minerals Rosy Almond 6C
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba
Rosy Bronze 7C Base by Everyday Minerals Rosy Bronze 7C
Matte | Semi-Matte | Jojoba

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  • Massiel March 27, 2014

    What happened to Olive Medium? That was my perfect shade! Formally Medium Tan is too dark for me, while formally Buttered Tan is too light. Ive never tried the formally Light Medium but it looks pink undertoned in the picture. I hope you guys bring back Olive Medium.

  • Charlie March 28, 2014

    Where is the equivalent for the original golden medium? This is a pretty bad move on your behalf. The reason people bought this product is the diversity of shades! Leaving shades out is going to create some seriously unhappy people, not to mention a loss of business.

  • If only you would bring back the Original Glo bases.... Very hard to find a sheer, glowing but not stupidly shiny mineral base. I'm sure there are other fans missing them, too!

  • Thanks for renaming! This will make picking shades so much easier, especially when picking for friends. I used to have to click on each individual one and read the descriptions! Now it's all in the name.

  • Please, bring back olive medium... :-(

  • Where's HONEY BEIGE?
    Where's "Honey Beige"?

  • Is there anywhere we can see the ingredients in the new (vintage) formulations? I would like to know what is in the product. Thanks.

  • I like the change you made by using numbers and letters to indicate the shade and undertone of the product. However, so many shades seem to have been discontinued! Almost all of the olive shades seem gone, and what I personally regret the most is that I can't find my shade 'light' any more. What should I do?

  • What happened to the original golden medium?

  • Michelle April 9, 2014

    I have a sample called "Intensive Fair." Is that the same as 0C Rosy Fair now? Or 0N Fair? Thank you!

  • Michelle April 9, 2014

    I have a follow-up question! Is "Original Glow" equivalent to the Matte finish? Or Semi-Matte Finish? Or something else? Thanks!

  • Yes, please bring back Sandy Fair. I have been a loyal customer since 2008. It is very hard to find a foundation that is gluten free, good for sensitive skin, and matches my skin. Sandy Fair is the reason why I am such a loyal customer, because I had such a hard time finding a good match. I realize as a company you need to revise, but I am in a bit of pickle here.

  • Did you get rid of the rose creme concealer? I notice you only have peach.

  • Cris Gibbons April 25, 2014

    I find the new system confusing and frustrating. I also wore the olive shades and now it's harder for find one that closely matches. The number/letter codes are weird. I liked the old system you had where the names were simple and you gave a little written description of each. I've been buying your products for a long time now and enjoy them, but this system is just hard to get into....

  • Hi there - no more IT base? :-(

  • It would be great if you could sign up for an automatic email alert when a particular product came back in stock. I miss the IT base in Fair! :-(

  • Martyna May 9, 2014

    Where is my Fair Olive in Semi-matte? I unhappy about that new system, it's confusing and I don't know which shade is my old one.. As I see in the other comments, I'm not the only one that is missing the old system. So frustrating.

  • Cintia Allsup May 13, 2014

    How do I find my correspondent semi-matte shade in the jojoba base formula. (Mine is 2W or 2N)

  • Lexica May 20, 2014

    I'm matching up the new color names to my notes about the old ones and have noticed that some of the colors now listed under Neutral were previously (under their former names) listed under either Warm or Cool. Examples: 3N-Beige, formerly Fairly Light (which was listed under Cool back in November 2012) and 5N-Tan, formerly Medium Beige (which was listed under Warm in November 2012).

    Are these corrections of previous miscategorizations? It's making it hard to figure out what color each shade actually is...

  • Nastena May 30, 2014

    What a change in the new product this product Everyday Minerals, Matte Base, Light Neutral? I have a light beige leather mixed.

  • I just tried the sample kit of all the original shades and loved the olive medium. It is the only time I have ever found a makeup that matches my skin perfectly. I do hair and make up and this system seems closer to hair color formulation rather than makeup. I actually really liked the last system and Especially for the everyday woman I think it was ten times easier for them. I've also seen two different suggestions to which color is most similar to olive medium.

  • Hello! Find out, that my favourite Semi-matte Base Ivory is Discontinued, but which tone should I take now?

  • sakkia July 21, 2014

    sorry, i don't understand: olive medium has been replaced by 5W golden tan or 4n medium? what is light medium?

  • Isabel July 23, 2014

    Good Evening1 What did you add to new formula? My blemishes came and seems like it is closing my pores :(

  • Like many people, I am also upset at the fact my perfect shade was discontinued. It was the sole reason I would repurchase from this company. I have had trouble finding a mineral makeup shade that matches me in the past. I was planning on reordering because I'm just about to run out. Please bring back winged butter. Not sure I'd repurchase otherwise.

  • Hello, I'd love to try your products, you can get free samples?
    Thank you, best regards.

    Angela Cinti
    v. Nottolini 787/D
    55100 LUCCA

  • Heather October 5, 2014

    So disappointed that there are no longer true Olive shades, which were the only ones that matched my complexion. I have not yet ordered the new shades. If it is any help to someone else who is missing the olive shades, it was advised to my mom via email from Everyday Minerals that mixing in a little Green Color Corrector would make the new 1W Golden Ivory to look more like Light Olive, and mixing the Green Color Corrector with the new 0W Golden Fair brings it closer to Olive Fair. Everyday Minerals seems to have plenty of people who like the original Olive colors to warrant them offering those original Olive colors again, and I'm adding my request here to please do so!!!

  • Hi!!! Which is "Sandy medium" that one was my perfect match, i can't live without that product, I can't believe is discontinued!! :'(

  • hi! i have fair and olive skin (asian skin tone, but more light), i think the ivory or fairy light neutral or golden ivory will fit to me. but i'm not sure about which is more lighter and which is more darker.
    please recommend to me which is fit and if there is another solution, tell me!!

  • I have just receive the samples. I tried them.But the semi-mate of the color 4N and 1W, so similar?

  • which one is close to formerly semi matte golden fair?

  • Jessica Robles November 25, 2014

    Please bring back Olive tones, so hard to find my match, I loved the Olive Medium during summer and the original Golden Medium during winter.

  • VI JACOBS-NHAN December 22, 2014

    Yes, please bring back the olive range. I love Olive Medium during summer and the Golden Medium during winter.

  • Please, please, please bring original glow back!! There is nothing out there like it:((

  • Could you please bring back the Original Glo Base? It was and is my all time favourite and there are many more others who also miss the formula. It's a real pity that it has been discontinued. :-(

  • Please please bring back Intensive formula! Nothing else is like it, even with multiple layers. Multi-tasking Neutral (now Rosy light) in Intensive formula is what I need. (Please.)

  • Eneyda Cruz February 14, 2016

    Will olive medium come back? I've tried the suggested colors to use instead of olive medium and they are not even close in color. They're too red and I'm very olive. Without olive medium I don't see the point on shopping EM anymore. That's sad.

  • If you would bring back your Intensive formula base, along with Pick Me Up Pink concealer, a lot of us would be happy and could shop with you again.

  • The Olive medium shade was the only color that has ever matched my skin. I was so beside myself when you discontinued making it. And I see there are many other girls on here of Asian and Middle Eastern descent that are asking about the Olive as well. EM was the only manufacturer that made a TRUE OLIVE TONE with a yellow undertone as opposed to orange pink or brown. And now you still do not carry it. I truly wish you would bring back the one shade that matches people with true yellow undertones. The golden,tan and other shades do not Match people of Italian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, or Asian descent. Please bring back your OLIVE tone shades!!

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