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New Product: Introducing Everyday Minerals Lip Glosses

Lo and behold, we are ecstatic to now offer a curated range of 7 pearly, aromatic Lip Glosses.
Each individually unique shade is a poised combination of skin-loving oils providing a surge of replenishing moisture. Perfect for the oncoming winter season & dry, chapped skin!

Owner & CEO Carina says of the collection,

“These shades are MUST-HAVES. I am definitely pleased with the finished result of each shade featured in the collection. I'm just looking forward to the response of my audience!”

The inspiration to come out with a line of fresh, gorgeous, vegan shades?

“One morning, I thought ‘What am I missing?’ and what came to mind was a bit surprising even for me - lip gloss, of course! It was the one product that I don’t find myself looking for in my bag, yet I know so many women who do. It made sense. I had to come out with a range of lip glosses for every gal looking for a clean, non-toxic, and environmental-friendly alternative.”

Experience the harmonious benefits of the carefully studied & selected, nourishing botanical oils with skin-renewing attributes, first-hand in this exciting collection.

Just a few of the body-safe and equally delicious ingredients in these glosses...

Hydrating Baobab Oil
Baobab is sourced from the tree of it's namesake - some living for thousands of years old! This historic oil is well-known for its' richness in all 3 omega fatty acids. It's so nourishing yet doesn't leave that icky "grease" feel heavy oils do!

Murumuru Butter
Murumuru is high in Vitamin A, and is known for its' natural ability to drench & lock in moisture, making it an ideal emollient for chapped lips. The shine you will receive with this ultra-light butter is incredible!

...and more in a 100% natural plant-derived combination of skin-loving oils that provide a surge of replenishing moisture. Give your lips the double-dose of beautiful color and protection they deserve with botanical infused blend!

The experience behind the making of this new collection was wild, for sure. People never really consider the research or exploration that goes behind a product...but it's incredible to be the one who takes in the whole process, and share what I've learned, what I've seen with my fans."

Top Notes: Vibrant Medley of Citrus

Heart Notes: Warming Vanilla, & Soothing Lavender

Base Notes: Exotic Grape

Each shade is thoughtfully created with choice plant-based ingredients and aromatic blends that bring one naturally to a state of paradise on earth.

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