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New Year, New Health Goals


One of my goals this year is to make bath time a MUST at least 3x a week! It’s not enough to find time month to month occasionally to soak. Salt baths have been proven to calm the nervous system and when you have a million things on your mind everyday, it’s important to keep your stress in check. Klei’s Soothe Lavender Bath Salt is amazing for true relaxing vibes. We’ve all heard of the effect lavender can have on the body, and it’s 100% true.


One of my favorite ‘treats’ is, come on now - chocolate!! But not just any ole bar of chocolate. I love high quality, organic, & non-dairy chocolate. Even better when it has added nutrients, like nuts or fruit. Compartes Chocolates are handcrafted in small batches in my second favorite city, LA. We offer four of their yummy chocolate bars, each with special benefits; healing, beauty, superfood, energy. I never feel bad treating myself to a high quality chocolate treat!


This is a MAJOR one on my list. I often find myself at the end of the day wondering how much water I really consumed throughout the day. In an effort to up my body’s energy levels, and keep my skin at its best, I’ve decided to invest in a water bottle that will help me gauge just how much I’m putting into my body everyday.


Also trying to cut my caffeine intake, mostly from too much green tea throughout the day!
The Glow Flow Chefs Cacao Bliss Latte Mix is my new beverage-of-choice to keep my energy up, without the negative effects of too much caffeine.


One of the most relaxing activities I can do at the end of a busy day is light a candle, set the mood with light jazz, and take out a good book I can’t get enough of. Lately I’ve been purchasing all of my books second hand from Half Price Books or Thrifted Books. There’s nothing quite like feeling a real book between your fingertips and even coming across pre-loved highlights that captivated another reader.

What are your new health goals to make 2021 one worth remembering?

Miss EM

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