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EM Newbies: Find your Perfect Mineral Shades and Formulas

Looking for a flawless complexion the natural way? Follow the steps below to find your exact shades and formulas for a perfected look.

To begin, choose the face that most closely matches your skin tone.


Think you may be between shades? Don't sweat it. We'll show you how to swatch yourself using our free 7 Piece Sample Kit here.

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  • Where's the "almond" page? Every time I click on the second to last lady, the page/store takes me to yahoo search.

  • Patricia Lynn Landon January 13, 2014

    Hello! I've used Everyday Minerals for quite some time. I even was one of the muchly few to have a "Try It" party. The last time I used my make up though, it seemed that no matter what shade I used, it all looked too yellow on me. I've just placed an order for a brush and samplekit. Is there another product I need to use with my make up to avoid the sallow look? Thanks from Marengo, OH.

  • I do not see a line for mutli-racial skin combinations. I am Thai and African American. The faces you have do not represent myself or others who have a diverse ethnic background. Is there something in the works?

  • Where do the olive tones come in? I am trying to decide between Olive Light and there a girl here who would fit one of those as well?

  • Christina January 30, 2014

    Thanks for this! Super helpful! Do you have anything like this for the other products? For example, a chart that says, if you wear a certain color foundation then you should wear this color concealer?

  • Some of the colors are not available, when will they be released?

  • Tried clicking on the Weekly Special's luck. :(

  • i am looking to what make up is for olive skin tones. Thanks!

  • Hi! I used to use your Intensive Medium Concealer and it was my HG. Is there anything that's comparable in your current line of products? I really miss it! TIA

  • Jessica March 24, 2014

    Hi! I've used Original Glo Medium beige Neutral (summaer) and Original Glo Fairly Light Neutral for several years but cannot find it now, which ones would you recommend as replacers?

  • When will the medium beige neutral semi-matte be back in stock??
    Also do you still carry the deep tan original glo foundation??

  • I miss all the many colors you used to have of shadows... I heard they were coming but still nothing . Are you no longer going to have them?

  • Ramona April 1, 2014

    I love your golden medium and olive medium in matte they are a perfect match for me during summer and winter and mixing them in between seasons. Could you suggest colours for me or could you release more olive colours as it is really hard for me to find a match due to my olive skin tone. I will be stocking up on olive medium as it looks like you don't have new colours similar to that one.

  • Hi, I usually use Olive-medium but I don't see that as an option anymore. What would you recommend I replace it with?

  • […] make finding the right shade super simple, which was what sold me in the first place. The website walks you through choosing what’s right for your skin tone, and you can customize a free sample […]

  • Conchita April 2, 2014

    I am looking for Olive Medium but can't find a replacement shade for it. I have found the tan shades too warm/orange for my skin tone - would you have any suggestions? Light Olive in the original formula was too light for me and light tan or buttered tan was too dark. Olive medium was perfect! Thanks in advance for your help :)

  • Angela April 6, 2014

    I used to use sandy fair but it's no longer available. What's the replacement for it?

  • Karissa April 6, 2014

    I used linen in semi matte but it has but out of stock, will it be restocked soon and if not what's the closest product to that color that's available?

  • Danielle April 7, 2014

    What is the difference between the matte base and the it base? I can't seem to find a description of the it base online, and I got a sample of the Fair IT Base in my sample pack.

  • Hi!
    which of the new shades is the closes to sandy fair?

  • I purchased a tan semi matte foundation because your site stated that it was the same as medium beige. When I tried the Tan it was much lighter more neutral than the medium beige sample. Is tan 5N the same as medium beige neutral instead of medium beige? I have golden under tone.
    Can I still get the regular medium beige semi matte foundation.

  • I received two samples one is named golden medium that looks light yellowish and a sample named golden medium 4W looks like medium with hint of pink. Please help I don't see a golden medium in the choices without the 4W like I received. So I don't know which is what color?

  • Deirdre April 14, 2014

    I've been using Original Glo in Fair & was wondering what is closest to that now. Love your products!

  • Hi...I used to wear a 50/50 mix of Intensive Base and Original Glo base. Which foundations would you recommend that I start out with?

  • What's your recommendation for gray blue eyes & fair complexion. I have used linen in the past and it makes my skin yellow. Didn't see a pic of any models with blue eyes & high lighted hair over mousy blonde! :)

  • Annie May 9, 2014

    Hi, is there anything can substitute Rosy Fair 0C Matte Base and True Beige Jojoba, because they are out of stock. plz reply asap, thanks so much.

  • Lauren May 13, 2014

    Hi, I have tried a bunch of samples and have finally decided on Jojoba natural ivory, now I see it's out of stock! Do you know when it will be available again, or another color close to it? I have medium brown hair, green eyes and cool undertones with redness on nose and cheeks. Thank you!

  • I was using light olive. What would be the closest color to that now? I appreciate your help!

  • Intensive Formula fan June 6, 2014

    This is in response to your email answer to my question about a chart showing old and new shades equivalencies. (I've used EM for years, so I'm not a newbie, but this is the link provided in the email.) While this page of photos is helpful, it is not the kind of chart I was asking about. There are numerous posts and answers about which new shade is the equivalent or near-equivalent of the old shade names.
    Why not simply publish a chart (table) showing these? That would be a much more helpful and efficient way of providing that information.

  • Kristen June 7, 2014

    I have been using the olive medium , what should i be using that is the same shade? Thank you!

  • Kristen June 19, 2014

    What is the new name for olive medium? Thanks

  • Truffle was my perfect match. I don't know what to get now.

  • Kristen July 19, 2014

    Hello, I was guided to get the 5W in regards to matching to the olive medium. Was not the proper match as i have alot of yellow in my skin tone. I noticed that the olive medium had chromium oxide greens, that added was a beautiful match to my yellow undertones. Would you possibly consider formulating an olive line again? The golden has too much of a reddish undertone for me. Please do let me know, as I love you products and have been a customer for many many years. And would love to keep supporting your company. Thanks! xo

  • ruhena July 26, 2014

    I have orderd sone sample which I paid for few weeks ago and I still didnt receive it!! -.-

  • Hi! I love your olive medium and have been using it for 5 years! I can't find any shade that matches my skin so perfectly. Would you consider bringing it back as I see there are few others here who love that shade! Thank you!

  • By any chance did anyone switch from bare essentials and use fair or fairly medium? I'm looking for what will match here! Thanks!

  • Heather Corigliano August 28, 2014

    Hi there. I'm just wondering " in what form do the 7 free samples come?" Are they on paper with clear covers that rub off or are they in teeny little containers ? I hope that not as confusing as it sounds typing it. I'm sorry :(

  • I have been using semi matte in Golden medium for a long time and I loved it. The new shade 4W Golden medium no longer matches my skin, can you please advise, thank you :-)

  • Hi! There used to be a color and it was just called "Light". It had golden/yellow undertones but I don't see it anywhere now. :( What is the closest color to this now? Thanks!!

  • Thank you!!

  • Hi, long-time EM user re-discovering my foundations after a break. I love Sunkissed Fair and Pink Tan in Intensive finish, is there anything similar in your new range? Would I be better off with matte or semi-matte to replicate the Intensive finish? Many thanks.

  • I wear Light Neutral and have for years. The old formula didn't have a golden undertone. The new comparable, Golden Light 2W is the new suggested color. The new is golden, the old was neutral. I do not want anything with a golden base. What would you recommend? I want to keep the look natural, not caked on with too dark of a color. Thanks!

  • Hi! I was just wondering on your recommendations on those who have problem skin. I'm in the process of recovering from stubborn adult acne and my dermatologist recommended that I use a good mineral makeup. So I am up for trying the 7 piece sample kit, but I'm not sure what undertones I have. My natural undertones I believe to be Neutral, because I burn super easy (though that could be the medication I take) and I have green and blue veins on my wrist. I also have sort of a very slight yellow skin tone. I want to match my natural skin tone, but I can't just pretend my face doesn't have blemishes as well as a sort of red/pink undertone, so I am torn. Any suggestions as far as what sort of assortment or undertones I should try out for the 7 piece sample kit? Thank you so much, I look forward to using and purchasing your products in the future!

  • Question: if I am a medium-tan in Bare Minerals, what shade would I be here?

  • Jennifer Engler October 16, 2014

    What is the difference between matte and jojoba?

  • Is there anyway you can post an updated version? I think I am the darkest shade and some of the products mentioned are discontinued. It would be nice to see some of you current products on deeper skintones.

  • Hi, I wear Golden Medium Original in Bare Minerals. Which is the corresponding match base in Everyday Minerals? In my country you don'send the 7 piece sample kit so I cannot try any shades to find the exact match. Thank you!

  • What happened with olive medium? i came looking for it :( now its gone, its there any other color that i can use??

  • Kachelle December 1, 2014

    I recently purchased Fair Medium in semi matte from the vintage sale, I'd like to try jojoba could you tell me what my match would be.. Fair -light skin w/ pink undertones

  • marsha orman December 6, 2014

    I am simply trying to buy some eyeshadows. I don't want to go on you tube or anything else. I can't figure out how to do this. Nor can I remember the last time I signed in to Google. Help!

  • Which jojoba base is closest to semi-matte Golden Ivory 1W? Please help, thanks!

  • I just tried your "Cream" (second lightest in your neutral jojoba color line) and some other products you suggested for Ivory skin tones and I just love it (even the Vanilla stick and Golden Fair powder concealers). I even ordered three eyeshadows and was able to get the look I've been looking for all this time (a subtle wash of color that looks natural--and is FOOLPROOF!). Thank you so much!

  • Hi! I used rosy light 2C semi-matte base, color is perfect to me. Also I like rosy beige base. Can you please tell me what colors of the matte bases are closest to rosy light and rosy beige semi- matte? Thanks!

  • Teresa Laurance January 16, 2015

    I see the Jojoba Vanilla has moved to the 'Vintage' page -- sounds like you will be phasing it out. I also notice new colors with new naming system on the Jojoba page. I am going to continue to order Vanilla as long as I can, but I'm worried I won't find a match when you run out. I would be happy to order samples of the new colors, but not sure what to order of those listed. I am fair, usually 2nd lightest color on most other makeup charts, with pink undertones. Which of the new Jojoba colors matches the closest to Jojoba Vanilla? I also like Rosy Ivory 1C in your Matte finish, but prefer the more natural coverage with jojoba. Thanks in advance ~ Teresa

  • I wear somewhere between medium beige and medium tan in Bare Minerals and Light Tan in Pur Minerals. I have a pretty neutral complexion I'd say. Are there any recommendations as to which foundation would match me best. Also, I would like fuller coverage but have combination skin (probably more dry right now) is jojoba or semi-matte more preferable for me?

  • I am older woman with mostly grey hair. I have roses and need something that won't aggravate it. I have rosy light 2c smimatte base and finishing powder. What primer would I need and do I need anything else? Should I use sunscreen and if so at what step? What about moisturizer? Thanks

  • I am an exact match for Bare Minerals Medium Beige. What shade should I choose for Everyday Minerals?

  • Pamela Hollis October 23, 2015

    It went so fast I didn't get address to mail my check, where should I mail it to

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