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Nights on Broadway


Blaming it all on the nights on Broadway

Singin' them love songs,

Singin' them straight to the heart songs.


Blamin' it all on the nights on Broadway

Singin' them sweet sounds

To that crazy, crazy town.


Sometimes a girl just needs a night out on the town to breathe in the city and all of the beauty in its restlessness - bright lights, buildings reaching high into the sky, and the murmurs of strangers’ conversations who pass you by on the street. Our Nights on Broadway Eyeliner was made with these out-on-the-town nights on the mind. Its dark grayish black tint will give your eyes an enigmatic energy without making your look overly dramatic.


Be inspired to explore new places, see new faces, and let the evening take you where it will. Whether its meeting up with friends, taking in a show, or seeking out something completely new or different, let your city steal your heart all over again, and let our Nights of Broadway Eyeliner be your companion.


To get Shelley’s striking nighttime look, sweep out More I See Eyeshadow over your entire lid. Follow that up with with our Nights of Broadway Eyeliner in a cat eye fashion, and smudge slightly into the eyeshadow with our Eye Smudge Brush. Add some Peony Petal Blush to your cheeks and finish off your face with our Sunlight Finishing Dust. To give your lips a hint of color and shine, top them off with our Rose Petals Tinted Lip Butter.




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