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Packing For Europe!

So taking off to Europe can be an exciting experience…to some degree. Just kidding! It’s super exciting. When it comes to prepping, this is when things get challenging. If you have been before, that’s great, you have an idea of what to wear and what to expect. If you have never ever been, then this might be a surprising new adventure.


Clothing is obviously going to be the first to go in the suitcase. You can’t walk around naked. Moving on…to plan for outfits, it’s always a good idea to check the weather of the place you're going before doing anything else. That super soft cotton, ultra flattering sweater you bought last week - it’s a no if you’re planning to go to Italy right now. Wear appropriate clothing for the temperature.


Our travel size items are great for packing with limited space. Which products? Go for whichever spark the most appeal to you. Your face is going to be wearing them, so you need to love the shades you choose. Recommended items: Finishing Dust, Concealer, and Tinted Lip Balm.


If you have one, bring a camera! Please! It’s not fun when there is an amazing view from where you're standing and there’s nothing at hand to take a photo with. Okay, phone maybe. Secondly, bring an extra charger. Preferably a portable one to keep in your purse while going out to see the sights.

Makeup to take with you on a trip

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