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  • Morning Essentials
    Morning Essentials
    Do you ever roll out of bed on a home day and feel so relaxed that all you really want is to sit and do as little as hold a book to read? Okay, maybe not everyone’s idea of a relaxation day. STILL you don’t want to move much or you’ll break that certain “peace”. Read more
  • Why Use Finishing Powder?
    Why Use Finishing Powder?
    The warmth of spring is here, and summer is on its way – time to keep finishing powder handy. We love the shining sun, but a shiny face, not so much. Finishing dust is the answer! A light dusting with this weightless miracle will help to set your makeup, keep it in place, give the look of a smooth complexion, and banish that pesky shine so you always look fresh as a blooming daisy. Read more
  • Recycle Your EM Empties!
    Recycle Your EM Empties!
    In short…give us back your empty jars and we give you a free full-size blush! As purveyors of love and care for our precious Earth, we at Everyday Minerals have come up with a pretty cool and eco-friendly idea for you, our lovely and loyal customers. How does getting a free Everyday Minerals blush and showing your love for Mother Nature at the same time sound? We can totally feel you blushing with delight right now! Read more


  • Asher by @kenziestuvland

    Who doesn’t love snuggly puppies? What about majestic felines? Well sadly, there are too many in need of a home due to uncaring owners. Read more

  • Now that you've identified your skin tone based on depth, it's important to identify your undertone to find your perfect match. We know that this can be a daunting task, but we're here to help! Remember not to factor in superficial colors on top of the skin such as red patches due to dryness or rosacea.
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  • If makeup were a soundtrack… we’d spin that record baby day and night. At the start of the day we may opt for a more casual, relaxed sound, perhaps Olivia Newton-John or Wild Belle if you’re a wild child like myself. As the day progresses the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, classic REO Speedwagon, or old school rap may prevail. When day comes close to evening, we may settle on a more upbeat tune to spice up our night or go straight to The Cure for a haunting yet relaxing vibe to end the night.

    Here’s a little look into our hottest shades in the eye shadow department - six of the best for day AND night looks. Get your makeup brushes out! Read more

  • Okay, someone you love has a big day coming up. The question is raised. Your head is either spinning with ideas…or a lack of them, meaning frustration. Relax. Read more

  • Step 1: Dust on Yellow Primer or the Primer of your choice and blend, blend, blend! Read more

  • Finishing dusts are the perfect way to Set and Perfect all of your makeup. They are ideal for controlling shine and enhancing your features based on which Dust you choose. Zea Mays works to absorb excess oil, while black currant extract provides a radiant glow.

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  • Harriet Tubman once said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Read more

  • Most of us have been to the airport before and therefore know the rundown. There’s no question about getting to your flight on time, and in the early mornings especially, when your brain is just waking up…keeping track of time is key. Looking as if you didn’t just roll out of bed is also key! Under-eye bags are going bye bye at the end of this folks! Read more

  • The Refuge is an organization dedicated to the children survivors of sex trafficking, from the young ages of 11 to 17. Their mission is to provide a therapeutic home, a place that is safe for each individual to recover from the horror of the incident and grow with a positive mindset. A HOPE is placed in the Refuge’s atmosphere, for the broken-hearted and distressed. A LOVE is shown that everyone deserves to witness. Read more

  • When I was a teenager, I will admit that I did tend to go overboard when it came to my makeup. The prospect of being old enough to play around with makeup made me feel so grown up and in control - although looking back, the results weren't always the most desirable. Hello frosted blue eye shadow! Read more

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