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  • Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Evey & Bret
    Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Evey & Bret
    When did you both first cross paths?! We actually met the old fashioned way, at a mutual friend's birthday party back in 2010. Bret had had a few too many to drink so skipped the awkward introductory step and from this night on we were inseparable. How do you work collectively on the content you create? We don't! Kidding, we work pretty well together but creating content can get pretty stressful at times and it's hard not to vent your frustration at one another. But whenever this happens one of us will always take it on the chin and make the other laugh about something silly! Bret does all our editing and is best with a camera, whilst Evey prepares our captions and is better on that front. What is your "mission" with your major platform? Our mission when we set out was to travel and experience life without being tied down too much. However we had been doing just that for quite a while before Covid-19 came around, and since then we've been rethinking our approach. Bret has started a Personal Finance youtube channel (Bret Clay) and we plan to apply more travel money advice/tips into our instagram too. We want to teach people how to be financially independent and show what life can be like if you're committed to working hard. Read more
  • Best Natural Grooming Gifts For Dad
    Best Natural Grooming Gifts For Dad
    Hawkins & Brimble Shampoo + Conditioner + Water-Based Hair Pomade Give him the gift of clean fresh hair with Hawkins & Brimble's Shampoo & Conditioner. With Ginger to help revitalise and awaken the senses, and star ingredient Pro Vitamin B5 for strong and healthy-looking hair this manly duo nourishes and soothes every scalp type. With these two The perfect remedy for a healthy head of hair. Containing Coconut Oil to promote smooth and shiny hair, whatever your style. Use in conjunction with to ensure your hair is looking its best no matter what. This set wouldn't be complete without Hawkins & Brimble's Water-Based Hair Pomade to keep his hair sleek and slick. This water-based hair pomade is just the tonic. This multi-use product can be used on damp and dry hair to create smart and sharp styles. Contains Wheat Peptides to help nourish hair and skin, an give a firm hold. Hawkins & Brimble Shaving Cream + Synthetic Shaving Brush + Beard Oil We with Hawkins & Brimble believe that no animal hair should be used, EVER. Expertly crafted with dense yet impeccably soft bristles, their unique Hawkins & Brimble's Shaving Brush helps deliver his shaving cream to every inch of hair, ensuring the skin is protected during the hair removal process. Their accompanying Hawkins & Brimble's Shaving Cream is the perfect remedy for a close, smooth shave. Our Cream will create a high quality lather and leaves the skin moisturised and soft after a good shave. For mwn with a more notable foray of facial hair, we suggest the nourishing Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil to go with. Formulated with Argan Oil and Olive Oil, it helps to keep facial hair soft, thick and strong, while Shea butter helps to keep your skin soft and supple. Read more
  • Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Tyler & Luke
    Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Tyler & Luke
    LOVVEEE following you both on your journey on the 'gram. Tell us your story... Tyler: We started traveling together in 2015 to Australia & New Zealand and lived there for nearly two years. This was of course instead of University or Dance school. In late 2016 that’s where @thetwobohemians was created. A way to show our friends and family what we were up to without having to get on the phone daily. We took a cerbatical from the page until 2018 where we did a few adventures in Europe and decided to pick up the camera again, during our SE Asia trip 2019 was where the brand actually grew from a fun page to a fully fledged business and thus thetwobohemians was born. We did a few cycles of work in retail & hospitiality for a few months, then travel for 6 months before we found our footing into the social media world and made it something we could do together. Its been a crazy journey but in the 9 years of dating we’ve both turned vegan, traveled to 21 different places together, created another business, lived in 3 different parts of the globe, bought a Van and now travel fulltime and make an income of 6 figures doing what we love. Read more


  • Loving yourself first is the most important decision you can make this Valentine's Day. Whether the day's plans consist of dressing up for an extra special date with the love of your life, a long-awaited evening out on the town with your closest girlfriends or a mellow night in with a pre-ordered box of chocolates & Sleepless In Seattle on Netflix...remember, the day begins with a little love and appreciation to YOU. Feel loved by you. Look good for you. In our book, Valentine's Day is a reminder of how beautiful you are, and all that brings you joy. Read more

  • Those closest to me know too well that one of my biggest battles (still ongoing) has been maintaining my skin's natural tendency to flare up. Having oily skin my entire life has been a struggle, but I'm so thankful for it because had my skin been any different, I might not have paid nearly as much attention to what I put on it and, of course, what I put into my body - which directly affects my skin's #MOOD. Although I haven't found the perfect regimen for my unique skin, I have discovered products that work for me. Yes, the nature of my skin is still fairly unpredictable, however with these products I have a way better handle on how my skin will glow that day. Let's get to it! Read more

  • Hey gal! Give us a little intro about you.

    My name is Nazy Farnoosh and I was born and raised in Los Angeles! I started blogging in 2014 and have truly loved building my blog throughout these years.

    Skincare is HUGE for you. When did this obsession start?

    My love for skincare stems from my mother being an esthetician! She always spoke about skincare, the rights and wrongs, the importance of clean products, and maintenance for your skin to keep your skin glowing as we age. Read more

  • Finding gifts for EVERYONE can be tricky at times. We usually stress over whether or not our gift of choice will be worthy, or even appreciated. Well, it's time to tune your mind instead to giving, with the knowledge that whatever you choose will be worth something because of the thought that comes with it. Choosing a memorable gift should be fun! And, here at EM, super affordable without removing a trace of luxury.
    Read more

  • Hey love! Tell us a bit about you.

    Hi! I’m Jojo, currently experiencing a chapter of my life that I can only describe as something I manifested in my dreams. Three months ago I took a leap of faith, listened to my heart, and decided to no longer live with a fear based mentality. So I quit my standard 9-5 job, packed up my things, and left my studio apartment on the beach in Venice, California to live on the road in a van with the love of my life and our dog. I couldn’t watch another day go by where I was daydreaming about so much more! Taking this risk was the best decision I ever made. Read more

  • Hi! Give us a little sneak peak into Chelsea’s world.

    Hi! I’m Chelsea Debo (sometimes I go by Chebo) I am an actress, yoga teacher and natural skincare enthusiast currently living in LA. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and moved to LA when I was 18, then moved to Ireland for 2 years when I was 23, then at 25 went to India and now I’m back in LA! My life has been nuts and I enjoy the journey! I’m a water baby who loves to think on her feet and keep it movin'. Read more

  • Winter, spring, summer and fall, the dewy touch just looks amazing for us all. What we’re looking to do is keep products at minimal and get that healthy dewy glow. Read more

  • The world itself is an infinite beauty.

    Hers is a charm adorned by what once used to be clear waters; drifting across rivers, lakes and oceans. She is wrapped in the arms of trees and colorful flowers – which once were in full bloom. She was serenaded by the lullabies and roars of animals sounds – but these beautiful melodies are slowly fading away. Read more

  • Summer seems to pass as fast as its everyday’s blissful sunset. Come autumn, another beautiful season of occasional grey skies. We can hear it calling for us, tempting us to scour through our wardrobes for the cosiest knits.  Read more

  • How do I choose the right shade of base for my face? What mineral foundation color will match me best? These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves at some point. Searching for the right shade shouldn’t be a daunting task. Truth is, it’s quite simple, and we are here to help break it down for you! Read more

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