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  • Erbaviva Products at Everyday Minerals
    Erbaviva Products at Everyday Minerals
    Everyday Minerals is proud to be carrying Erbaviva's product line for babies, mom-to-be and mommies. What we love about this collaboration is the dedication that Erbaviva put through the years to craft the healthiest and purest organic skin care products. Read more
  • What Clean Beauty Means to Everyday Minerals
    What Clean Beauty Means to Everyday Minerals
    The world itself is an infinite beauty. Hers is a charm adorned by what once used to be clear waters; drifting across rivers, lakes and oceans. She is wrapped in the arms of trees and colorful flowers – which once were in full bloom. She was serenaded by the lullabies and roars of animals sounds – but these beautiful melodies are slowly fading away. Read more
  • Best Autumn Makeup Shades
    Best Autumn Makeup Shades
    Summer seems to pass as fast as its everyday’s blissful sunset. Come autumn, another beautiful season of occasional grey skies. We can hear it calling for us, tempting us to scour through our wardrobes for the cosiest knits.  Read more


  • I will never look back at fabric the same way I did. Watching Evelinda masterfully weave through each piece of fiber in her meticulous hands… I realized, THIS ISN’T JUST AN ART. This is passion, creativity, and hard work. A labor for the love of culture and a fight to keep an ancient tradition alive. Read more

  • So, it’s that time of the year again: snow-covered pavements, chilling winds, gravel-gray skies, more days indoors tucking in another C.S Lewis book, and, ugh, dry, gloomy skin!

    Let's warm up, shall we?

    The sun might be lurking somewhere, but you can still get that sun-touched glow. Warm up your skin. Our top picks from our catalogue are your perfect winter antidotes. Read more

  • Baby, it’s cold outside . . .

    The winter season could be a different challenge for your beauty routines. Your skin could turn gloomy, dry and flaky -- just like the weather.

    During winters, the humidity is lower; zapping out your skin’s natural moisture. Then there goes that annoying flaking and drying. Sometimes, even the thickest moisturizers just wouldn’t do it. Read more

  • When was the last time you felt amazing about yourself? Or, when felt like you could conquer anything in life? Like you are the most blessed creation in this planet. Those are probably the times when you are in your top shape; mentally, emotionally and physically.

    We are sincerely hoping it wasn’t too long ago. Read more

  • The Wonder Fruit as they call it, kiwi is not only a delectable delight, it is also packed with antioxidant. Inside this furry little oval fruit is a tarty, sweet flavor that reminds you of banana, pineapple and strawberry!


    Delightful on its own and is a good flair for salads, kiwi is rich with Vitamin C, fiber, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin E and K. And all these can be super beneficial to your skin. Read more

  • Hi there! Give us a brief summary of who you are & what you do.

    Hey hey I’m Bethany! Im 22 years old, I live in Central Texas. I'm a part time makeup enthusiast, and a full time photographer! I actually stumbled upon photography by accident when I was 13. Both of my parents were photographers so we always had a camera lying around the house. One day my best friend, Meagan, and I wanted to go out and take photos in the back yard, just for fun. My mom showed me how to properly use a camera, and every since that day I haven’t been able to put it down!

    When & how did your passion for photography start for you?

    I actually stumbled upon photography by accident when I was 13. Both of my parents were photographers so we always had a camera lying around the house. One day my best friend, Meagan, and I wanted to go out and take photos in the back yard, just for fun. My mom showed me how to properly use a camera, and every since that day I haven’t been able to put it down! Read more

  • Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you represent.

    Hi! Well, my name is Hazel Graye and I was born and raised in the Midwest.
    Minnesota to be exact. I suppose I would say I represent those who had a
    powerful dream within them and the urge to fully experience life. If you believe
    in your dreams and have faith in who yourself, you can be anything you want to
    be. You can achieve anything you desire if you just believe you can. I know it
    sounds corny, but it’s the honest truth. You CAN travel the world, you CAN work
    your dream job, you CAN be anything you want to be.

    How do you use social media as a way of sharing with others your life,
    without letting it influence your life in a negative way?

    I try not to be on social media too often. Ideally, I like to post once a day then
    after my content is posted I won’t be checking into much more until the
    following day besides posting on my story. Enjoying the actual moments rather
    than allowing Instagram to consume my daily life honestly makes it easy to
    disregard any possibility of negative influence on my mind. Read more

  • Hi there! Give us a glimpse into your world. You embody a fun-loving, easy-going persona, how do you remain so confident in an ever-busy-ever-hectic life?

    I embrace the chaos. I have quickly learned that as soon as you think things are slowing down, you get side swiped by life and it all seems to be thrown upside down. That is life, especially with kids and a self owned business. There is no normal…and as soon as things feel normal you better watch out! I have learned to just roll with the punches, show myself grace because there is no right or wrong, and when you mess up I always see it as an opportunity to learn and grown from the mistakes!

    Love visiting your travels on the 'gram. Where is your dream destination with your besties?

    I have a deep love for travel and until recent, my kids were just too little for me to enjoy it as often. So now that they are older I am trying to squeeze as much travel in as I can! I have my heart set on Bali (which I plan to visit this March) and I would love to go to Santorini Greece and Cuba this year. Read more

  • Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Hi! My name is Ron Dadon and I’m a musician and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. I love spending my time writing music and painting! I’m addicted to Trader Joes plantain chips, and I have a film camera on me literally at all times. I dream of one day owning a lil pup with my boyfriend and spending way too much time traveling the world! But for now, I’m taking in this beautiful city and taking advantage of all the creative opportunities that come my way.

    Tell us a bit about how you got into music. Was it instant for you?

    Music is everything! I definitely decided I wanted to be a singer at a really young age and fell in love with performing instantly. However, as I got older I kind of pushed it to the side due to other interests (ahem, photography, ahem) and have just recently picked music back up in the past year or so. I began writing songs again and pushing myself to play shows all over the city which rekindled the music spark in me! Since then, I’ve been in the studio a lot and am planning to release a plethora of new singles in 2019. Read more

  • With Christmas just around the corner, we know the struggle that comes with finding the right gift for everyone on your list. How about simplifying this for a few to knock off that long list? Here at EM, we offer a range of incredibly luxurious, sustainable bamboo brushes. Whether you're looking for a sturdy foundation brush, or a blush brush to accompany the blush collection you're gifting - we've got you covered. Did we mention ALL of our brushes are well under $20 a piece... Tempting, right? Here's a little guide to our top-seller cruelty-free face brushes: Read more

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