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  • Ballerina Look: Blush On Eyes
    Ballerina Look: Blush On Eyes
    Here’s to some thinking-in-a-new-box inspo. Blush on my eyes? Whaaatt!! It can be done. And, done well. Is there a trick? Yes. Love the shade you choose. Feeling good in what you wear (even when it comes to makeup) shows. When flaunting a shade of bright color one must: 1. Know what they are wearing. 2. Apply in natural lighting. 3. Blend well so no hard lines are visible. 4. Feel incredible wearing it. Read more
  • Contouring In 3 Steps
    Contouring In 3 Steps
    Products you’ll need: You Sand Me Blush Linai In the Sand Bronzer Sunny All Over Shimmer Or:

 I’m Taken Luminous Blush Poip-pular Shores Bronzer Polished All Over Shimmer Or: Good Morning Luminous Blush Gimmee A Kissimmee Bronzer Shadow Play All Over Shimmer Brushes we recommend: Angled Blush Brush Tapered Sculpting Face Brush Blender Face Brush For Fair to Light complexions, we recommend the first trio. For Light to Medium complexions, we recommend the second trio. For Medium to Deep complexions, we recommend the last trio. DIRECTIONS: 1. Using the bamboo Angled Blush Brush, dip into the Blush of choice and tap off any excess. Bring the plush bristles to the temple point of each eye (this is just above the cheekbone), and gently whirl in a circular motions towards the apple of each cheek. Repeat until you’ve reached the desired intensity. 2. Carefully absorb the minerals of your selected Bronzer into the dense bristles of the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush. Run this along your jawline, the underside of your cheeks, the top of your forehead near the hairline, and both sides of the nose. Areas of application will vary for best results on the individual person. 3. With your skin Shimmer of choice, generously infuse the light, feathery bristles of the Blender Face Brush and apply in a sweeping motion to the areas you’d like to highlight. we recommend the tops of each cheek, the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, and chin. The natural shape of your face will determine what works best on you. Hope you enjoyed this one!!
  • Bringing In the Pastels
    Bringing In the Pastels
    At this time of year, the pastel shades shades are full-blown. Brighter and bolder than usual, you won’t want to be left out. We’ve gathered a list of our favorites in the 100% natural pastel eye shadow department. From soft, silky Velvet to exquisite, everyday wearable Shimmer, you are bound to love a few of our picks, and even feel the urge to share with girlfriends! Choose individual shades you love the most, create your own kit, or find them in our Everyday Collections. Read more


  • Q: I don’t like the appearance of wearing too much lip product, will Everyday Minerals” Tinted Lip Balms work for me?

    A: Yes! Our products are all created with the ability of building up desired coverage. Everyone is different, so the amount you apply will define how much coverage you receive. If you apply one layer of our balm, there will be a hint of color as it is tinted. Read more

  • Step 1: Choose your base shade

    Choose your Matte, Semi-Matte, or Jojoba base.

    Bronze 7N - Deep skin with neutral undertones Bronze 7N Base
    Golden Bronze 7W - Deep skin with golden undertones Golden Bronze 7W Base
    Rosy Bronze 7C - Deep skin with cinnamon undertones Rosy Bronze 7C Base

    Need help finding your undertone or think you may be in between shades? It’s super easy. Find Your Perfect Shade.

    Read more

  • It's not always easy to find skin tone correct shades without trying them on in person. That's why we offer our easy quiz - Find Your Perfect Shade, and the option of a free sample kit - so you can try before you buy! If you still want to choose shades yourself, use this guide for selecting potential shades and determining which is your perfect match.
    Read more

  • We often try to fix our skin issues from the outside in. We cover, we scrub, we pick, we pop - but really - the best thing is to start from within. People walking down the street with good skin, if not for sheer genes, have a beautiful glow because they take care of themselves in other ways first. Leading a healthy lifestyle and taking the steps below will invariably give you a better starting point. From there, please, wear sunscreen to avoid sunspots and aging, exfoliate, and once in a while, let your skin breathe.

    Read more

  • With this New Year take a break from your usual routine and opt for a totally new look, that’s still YOU. Go for a new shade in Luminous Blush for a youthful radiance. Apply less foundation coverage than usual, showing your unique beauty and amazing confidence. Even jazz things up with your hair. Wearing your mane the same as ten years ago? It’s time to tap into your creative side. We've gathered a few helpful tips to use as a guide. Be prepared, heads may turn at your new look! Read more

  • We asked a few members on the EM Team what they have planned for Christmas this year, and here’s what really stood out from our Wholesale Manager, Nicole Read more

  • The question on how best to apply our base powder has come up in the past, and this may sound like an easy, no-brainer that certainly doesn’t require a blog post on it. Well, hey, I actually disagree. Foundation is one of the most purchased makeup products in our day. A decent amount of women with the seemingly “perfect” skin we crave will even go for foundation coverage, but skip concealer altogether. All natural no-makeup makeup looks more often than not require foundation as the base to the look. With that being said, tips are welcome and I’ve discovered a few in my own experience as well as hearing from my most-trusted friends. Read more


    Almond Cream Licks Shimmer Eye Shadow
    Sun Daze Eye Shadow
    Comfort Zone Velvet Eye Shadow
    Walking After Midnight Mineral Eyeliner
    Your Base shade
    Good Morning Luminous Blush
    Hint All Over Shimmer
    Inspire Tinted Lip Balm
    Blender Face Brush
    Angled Blush Brush
    Double Perfect Eye-Shadow/Eyeliner Brush Read more

  • Yes, it’s true. We currently offer over twenty-four gorgeous blush shades for you to choose from. Take your pick! Oh wait…it’s not easy is it? Everything must be taken into consideration; the intensity of the shade on your skin, whether you would only wear it to a party or every day, even if the name of the blush inspires you. After all, who can reframe from a little show and tell? Read more

  • From red, nasty pimples to old acne scars, many of our faces are craving the healthy glow we once possessed in our youth. Our complexions, unfortunately, cannot change by a mere wish for radiant skin. Everyone can attest to this. We have to put in effort. Thankfully, we have little things called Jojoba Color Correctors to save the day. Read more

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