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  • Prep Up For Summer
    Prep Up For Summer
    Brace yourselves ladies. More sunny days ahead! That means less of those sweaters and winter boots. Are you ready for days on the beach, summer parties and sun-kissed skin? Beyond sunglasses and SPFs, here are some quick tips to prepare for hotter days under the sun. Read more
  • How to Use Bronzers for this Summer
    How to Use Bronzers for this Summer
    The sun is out and it’s time to flaunt that sun-kissed glow. Are you ready? These are the days for beach, parties, travels and BBQs. Light-up those long days with some real good bronzers to reveal your sun-kissed glow. Read more
  • What's All the Hype On Hyaluronic Acid?
    What's All the Hype On Hyaluronic Acid?
    So . . . you might have already heard the news. A skincare ingredient is taking the beauty space by storm: hyaluronic acid. What’s up with all the fuss? Is it worth a try or is it just another fad? Let us give you a quick run through. Read more


  • Hi! Give us a little intro to your rad self.

    Hey! Thanks for calling me rad. I’m just lil ol me, a girl from a small town in Texas outside of Houston, now living her best life in sunny Los Angeles. I am Marketing Manager by day, but I have many side projects to keep me busy outside of my professional work. My main areas of focus as of late are fitness, nutrition, vintage clothing, streetwear fashion, iPhone photography, fine jewelry, and skincare.

    You are clearly an advocate for vintage finds, when did this start for you?

    Ahhh I love vintage so much! It’s a trigger word for sure. Along with “organic”. Is it vintage? I want it. Organic? Take my money!! Read more

  • Hey there! Tell everyone a bit about you.

    Hey hey hey! I’m a married, 23 year old, ethical vegan living in Austin, Texas. I run the social media pages of the company I work for, and I model for and collaborate with photographers as a creative outlet. I have a passion for nature and experiencing new places, but my favorite thing to do is lay in bed with my husband and two cats, have a Harry Potter marathon, and eat all the snacks.

    What got you hooked on veganism?

    Read more

  • Simply said… give us your empty jars and we will give you a free FULL-SIZE blush of your choice!
    As purveyors of positive change, and lasting love and care for our home, the insane Earth, we feel responsible for taking a conscious perspective in what we do. We came up long ago with a pretty cool and eco-friendly idea for you - our amazing and loyal customers! Read more

  • To make your skin look as if it’s glowing from within, there are a few important steps you must take to achieve this. True beauty comes from within, and the best remedy for acne-prone or a mature complexion is a good balance of fruits and vegetables in your diet. It’s true that the raw, plant-based foodies tend to have the most amazing skin as they age! With this huge complexion helper incorporated carefully into your current eating habits, you may not want to turn back. Along with this, we can definitely help with mastering the art of getting a youthful, dewy look. Read more

  • Hey there! Tell us all a snippet about yourself.

    Hi! I'm Kimberly, a professional writer and mom of three. I share writing tips, book recommendations for kids and adults, and thoughts on mindfulness, motherhood, and marriage on Instagram and my blog, Talk Wordy to Me.

    I'm also in the revision stages of my first novel, a historical romance set in the Regency era. I love all things Regency and BBC! In my dreams, I belong on the set of Outlander and Poldark. (Don't make me choose.)

    How do you balance being a full-time mom with following your personal passions?

    Read more

  • Hey babe! Tell everyone a bit about yourself!

    My name is Kiana Ochoa and I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I was born premature with a weaker immune system than the average child. This didn’t stop me from being active. I was in many sports growing up including volleyball, football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, gymnastics, cheerleading, and I ran track. I was such an active kid, but before I knew it, injuries began popping up. I have pulled hamstrings, quads, injured shoulders, wrists, and ankles, I even have Osgood Slaughters disease as the result of being overworked. From the age of 5 until my late teen years, I worked my body way too hard, way too fast, and it left me faced with consequences. Through the injuries and having to quit my last sport, track, due to a pulled quadricep, I found a whole new light. This is what guided me to Yoga. I am now a certified Yoga Instructor teaching in Buda and Austin, Texas. Read more

  • Lo and behold, we are ecstatic to now offer a curated range of 7 pearly, aromatic Lip Glosses.
    Each individually unique shade is a poised combination of skin-loving oils providing a surge of replenishing moisture. Perfect for the oncoming winter season & dry, chapped skin!

    Owner & CEO Carina says of the collection,

    “These shades are MUST-HAVES. I am definitely pleased with the finished result of each shade featured in the collection. I'm just looking forward to the response of my audience!”

    Read more

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    You’re in the thick of it, summer. The season when life is like a semi-truck, barreling down a hill at 90 miles an hour. The speed is all good and great, it’s thrilling in fact, but problems arise when there’s a deer crossing at the bottom of the hill and you have no way to avoid a crash. Not to mention, you’re going so fast that you miss the road signs telling when you need to turn or watch out for traffic ahead.

    Read more

  • Who are you?! What do you do?

    I’m Sophie! I'm a food blogger and health enthusiast from the Cotswolds. I also recently qualified as a nutritionist & diet coach (AfN) which I’m super excited about! I am very passionate about living a healthy, plant-based & cruelty free lifestyle and try to share this with my followers through my blog and social media accounts! Currently I am working as a digital media executive for an awesome vegan company! Read more

  • Who are you?!? Tell us a little about yourself.

    My name is Chloe Jiang (aka @Chloeinabubble) and I’m a full-time banker/fashion influencer. Born and raised in China, currently live in Sydney with my family.

    What do you love most about where you're from?

    Absolutely the coffee and the food! Sydney is a diversified, multi-culture city where you can find authentic exotic food from anywhere. And the passion about coffee that Australians have is unbeatable. Read more

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