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  • Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Nazy
    Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Nazy
    Hey gal! Give us a little intro about you. My name is Nazy Farnoosh and I was born and raised in Los Angeles! I started blogging in 2014 and have truly loved building my blog throughout these years. Read more
  • The Ultimate Gift Guide: What You Can Buy Under $25
    The Ultimate Gift Guide: What You Can Buy Under $25
    .column { float: left; width: 50%; padding: 5px; } .row::after { content: ""; clear: both; display: table; } Finding gifts for EVERYONE can be tricky at times. We usually stress over whether or not our gift of choice will be worthy, or even appreciated. Well, it's time to tune your mind instead to giving, with the knowledge that whatever you choose will be worth something because of the thought that comes with it. Choosing a memorable gift should be fun! And, here at EM, super affordable without removing a trace of luxury. Read more
  • Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Jojo
    Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Jojo
    Hey love! Tell us a bit about you. Hi! I’m Jojo, currently experiencing a chapter of my life that I can only describe as something I manifested in my dreams. Three months ago I took a leap of faith, listened to my heart, and decided to no longer live with a fear based mentality. So I quit my standard 9-5 job, packed up my things, and left my studio apartment on the beach in Venice, California to live on the road in a van with the love of my life and our dog. I couldn’t watch another day go by where I was daydreaming about so much more! Taking this risk was the best decision I ever made. Read more


  • The sun is out and it’s time to flaunt that sun-kissed glow. Are you ready? These are the days for beach, parties, travels and BBQs. Light-up those long days with some real good bronzers to reveal your sun-kissed glow. Read more

  • So . . . you might have already heard the news. A skincare ingredient is taking the beauty space by storm: hyaluronic acid. What’s up with all the fuss? Is it worth a try or is it just another fad? Let us give you a quick run through. Read more

  • Eyes here ladies. Say Hi to this all-new beaut! Our Mango + Papaya Cuticle Oil is out and about and it is yours for the taking. Just in time to update this season’s beauty catalogue. We hope you love it as much as we do. Read more

  • Nobody likes looking at a mirror, only to have those dreaded panda eyes staring back at you. Well, those under-eye dark circles look undeniably cute to pandas, but unfortunately, not for us, ladies.

    You may heard the words on the streets. You need some good night sleep to brush off that stressed out look. But, if you don’t have much of that Zzzz luxury, or if sleep just wouldn’t do it, well, here are some quick fixes to cover up those dark circles. Read more

  • Hi there! Give us a lil background on who you are & what your passion is.

    Hello!! I grew up in a really small town in South Georgia and basically lived the life of a typical country song. I always wanted to escape the South and go to a big city so after graduating from high school I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to study painting. I just recently transferred to the University of Texas in Austin where I am majoring in textiles and apparel. I love anything creative but mostly focus on art, fashion design, and have recently started modeling. I am passionate about anything that makes the world a more beautiful place. Read more

  • I will never look back at fabric the same way I did. Watching Evelinda masterfully weave through each piece of fiber in her meticulous hands… I realized, THIS ISN’T JUST AN ART. This is passion, creativity, and hard work. A labor for the love of culture and a fight to keep an ancient tradition alive. Read more

  • So, it’s that time of the year again: snow-covered pavements, chilling winds, gravel-gray skies, more days indoors tucking in another C.S Lewis book, and, ugh, dry, gloomy skin!

    Let's warm up, shall we?

    The sun might be lurking somewhere, but you can still get that sun-touched glow. Warm up your skin. Our top picks from our catalogue are your perfect winter antidotes. Read more

  • Baby, it’s cold outside . . .

    The winter season could be a different challenge for your beauty routines. Your skin could turn gloomy, dry and flaky -- just like the weather.

    During winters, the humidity is lower; zapping out your skin’s natural moisture. Then there goes that annoying flaking and drying. Sometimes, even the thickest moisturizers just wouldn’t do it. Read more

  • When was the last time you felt amazing about yourself? Or, when felt like you could conquer anything in life? Like you are the most blessed creation in this planet. Those are probably the times when you are in your top shape; mentally, emotionally and physically.

    We are sincerely hoping it wasn’t too long ago. Read more

  • The Wonder Fruit as they call it, kiwi is not only a delectable delight, it is also packed with antioxidant. Inside this furry little oval fruit is a tarty, sweet flavor that reminds you of banana, pineapple and strawberry!


    Delightful on its own and is a good flair for salads, kiwi is rich with Vitamin C, fiber, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin E and K. And all these can be super beneficial to your skin. Read more

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