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  • Steal The Day With This Look
    Steal The Day With This Look
    A great day starts with motivation. Motivation sparks from feeling good within. Here's the perfect look for feeling as well as looking your best without over doing it, and of course, staying natural. Read more
  • Rose Beauty Tips
    Rose Beauty Tips
    Inspired by our beautiful rosy blush shades, we've compiled a few rose beauty tips for spring! Turns out, roses aren't just pretty to look at, there are tons of skincare benefits as well! Read more
  • What's In Carina's Bag?
    What's In Carina's Bag?
    Wondering what Founder & CEO Carina Menzies carries in her bag? Well, besides her keys and phone, her very own Everyday Minerals products of course! Read more


  • Don’t miss the chance to develop and master your dance skills in these dance classes in NYC. Read more

  • Chances are, if you read this blog, then you’re a lover of beauty DIY’s. You really care what you put on and into your body, and you want to work with the best possible ingredients. Creating your own makeup and skincare ensures control over what you’re using, but it can go beyond that. You can actually grow some of the ingredients yourself to guarantee true natural beauty. It’s officially time to start planning those summer gardens, and here are a few tips to get you DIY beauty lovers started.
    Read more

  • Photo by @ferrantetodd
    Dancer @morgan.eli

    Get excited to get your feet moving to the rhythm of music with these dance classes in LA. Whip out your calendar and contact these studios to reserve a spot! Read more

  • Lindy Hop is a fun dance that anyone. It is probably one of the most highly-energetic and hyperactive dances you will see.
    You might be wondering how this dance came about. Well, you have the Foxtrot, Charleston and Tap to thank for this culturally and historically significant dance. The Lindy Hop was known as the dance that bridged the gap between people. Read more

  • In short…give us back your empty jars and we give you a free full-size blush!

    As purveyors of love and care for our precious Earth, we at Everyday Minerals have come up with a pretty cool and eco-friendly idea for you, our lovely and loyal customers. How does getting a free Everyday Minerals blush and showing your love for Mother Nature at the same time sound? We can totally feel you blushing with delight right now! Read more

  • Dancing is an incredibly beautiful art form that allows you to move your body to various genres of music, not to mention wear colorful, sexy or cute clothes. Over the years, dancing has evolved into a social and physical activity. Not only is it a great workout, it’s also the perfect stress-reliever and an enjoyable way for you to express yourself.

    Go and give this exciting activity a try! Here’s a list of dance studios in Austin which offer the perfect dance classes to get you started. Read more

  • Dancer: @loersens

    Since almost the beginning of time, dance has been one of the most aesthetically pleasing forms of performance art. Every movement, gesture, step, and sway of the body tell us, the audience, a story. The breathtaking visuals of a dance can evoke a thousand emotions in us. Read more

  • Finishing Dust was helpful especially in the summer, and now our All Over Shimmers are great for making your look even sexier during this fall and winter. Wherever we go in our day, a bit of shimmer can travel along with us. For that alluring glow, pleasantly subtle velvety shine, shimmers can make all the difference. A radiant complexion is key this season, as weather changes from warm to cool, our liveliness cannot be stopped. That youthful look we all love will remain with us. Read more

  • juliamariemann@

    Gone are the days of Disney prince-and-princess dance that you watched only on the screen. The dreamy moment is about to happen in your very own wedding day and we are sure you are excitedly looking forward to it. Read more

  • Photo by @ferrantetodd
    Dancer @hay_bay_ny

    Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul and of the body.” And that, my friend, would be utterly true. Watch any professional dancer on the stage and you’ll see how much passion and dedication are portrayed as the dancer gets lost in the music and rhythm. Read more

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