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  • Contouring In 3 Steps
    Contouring In 3 Steps
    Products you’ll need: You Sand Me Blush Linai In the Sand Bronzer Sunny All Over Shimmer Or:

 I’m Taken Luminous Blush Poip-pular Shores Bronzer Polished All Over Shimmer Or: Good Morning Luminous Blush Gimmee A Kissimmee Bronzer Shadow Play All Over Shimmer Brushes we recommend: Angled Blush Brush Tapered Sculpting Face Brush Blender Face Brush For Fair to Light complexions, we recommend the first trio. For Light to Medium complexions, we recommend the second trio. For Medium to Deep complexions, we recommend the last trio. DIRECTIONS: 1. Using the bamboo Angled Blush Brush, dip into the Blush of choice and tap off any excess. Bring the plush bristles to the temple point of each eye (this is just above the cheekbone), and gently whirl in a circular motions towards the apple of each cheek. Repeat until you’ve reached the desired intensity. 2. Carefully absorb the minerals of your selected Bronzer into the dense bristles of the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush. Run this along your jawline, the underside of your cheeks, the top of your forehead near the hairline, and both sides of the nose. Areas of application will vary for best results on the individual person. 3. With your skin Shimmer of choice, generously infuse the light, feathery bristles of the Blender Face Brush and apply in a sweeping motion to the areas you’d like to highlight. we recommend the tops of each cheek, the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, and chin. The natural shape of your face will determine what works best on you. Hope you enjoyed this one!!
  • Bringing In the Pastels
    Bringing In the Pastels
    At this time of year, the pastel shades shades are full-blown. Brighter and bolder than usual, you won’t want to be left out. We’ve gathered a list of our favorites in the 100% natural pastel eye shadow department. From soft, silky Velvet to exquisite, everyday wearable Shimmer, you are bound to love a few of our picks, and even feel the urge to share with girlfriends! Choose individual shades you love the most, create your own kit, or find them in our Everyday Collections. Read more
  • Q&A With EM: Finishing Powders
    Q&A With EM: Finishing Powders
    With warmer months approaching, we felt this a necessary topic to touch on. Our Finishing Powders are few, 4 to choose from actually, but they are ESSENTIAL in your daily beauty regimen - and here you’ll find out why. Let’s get started. Q: Can Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust be worn alone, without foundation, primer, blush, etc.? A: Absolutely! Our powders are oil absorbing, and can be worn as a “mattifier” on your skin without any extra products underneath. Read more


  • The holidays are approaching, woohoo! You must know what that means…it’s time to clean out your wardrobe and organize. We’re talking about your makeup wardrobe as well as your clothing wardrobe. Both are equally worth your time, after all, your finished “look” is more often than not a beautiful mix of fabric and powder. Read more

  • Hello everyone!

    If you are new to us, I’d like to start off with welcoming you. I hope your journey through the site so far has been one that will keep you thinking of us, and I’d like to further the experience by providing you with a brief introduction to my company so you have a more clear vision of what we’re about, as it is only fair when it comes to introductions! Read more

  • We are so excited to introduce to you our latest eye shadow collection, the Makeup Diary Carmel kit! This rather beachy 9-piece shimmer eye shadow kit is a must-have for your fall makeup wardrobe. Read more

  • In short…give us back your empty jars and we will give you a free full-size blush of your choice!
    As purveyors of love and care for our beautiful Earth, we came up long ago with a pretty cool and eco-friendly idea for you, our absolutely amazing and loyal customers. Read more

  • Blushes, oh blushes, what would we do without them?! Not very long ago I read a request from a fan asking what I usually wear for Matte Blushes. Well, here I’m excited to share with you my favorite of the original cheek collection - matte blushes. Read more

  • When one thinks of a “face brush”, usually the thought is a tool that simply does that work of applying powder - whether blush, foundation, finishing powder, shimmer, etc. - to your face. If you think more closely into what a face brush is, and what it does, you just may start to be more appreciative for what these can do for us, and so often too. Think back to when you first started wearing makeup, for most of us this would be in our teen years. Read more

  • We are currently loving purple hues, and have plenty of them. For those of us who have no borders to inhibit our creative side, we owe it to each of you. Inspiration comes from everywhere, it’s literally all around, but what hits us hard is more often than not something that strikes us as different. It’s memorable. Read more

  • If you have already seen and purchased our latest Ever After kit, we thank you so much! 25% of the proceeds from this beautiful collection will be going to y2y this weekend only. Read more

  • Upon unwrapping your new kit, you will read these words, “Be confident the moment you say the words that can change your life forever, and intensely feel the one emotion that is cherished the most.” Read more

  • Never before have we been so prone to constant comparison. And, the funny thing is that most of the comparing we deal with comes out of our own heads. It’s true. If we spent more time on thinking positively than negatively imagine where we would be! Training your brain to resist the urge to compare and combat any negative thought that slips in is super tricky, but totally possible. Everyone struggles with feeling “low” at some point. It’s a part of human nature. However, programming your way of thinking might just do you good. Read more

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