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Positive Phrases To Say To Yourself

Perhaps you’ve noticed, Everyday Minerals is now featuring a positive saying on one of our daily rotating banners. These little phrases that we’ve put together can be memorized, pondered, or shared with friends. Why did we do this?

Positive messages are almost vital for people to stay in a good mood. Not all of us have a social media page, or look up inspiring quotes on our own, so positive phrases can come through to us in different ways than you may be imagining. Has someone complimented you on something recently? Has something you’ve read in a book lately inspired you?

Reading or hearing for yourself beautifully uplifting words can make a difference in one’s day.
Whether something is amiss or we just feel uninspired, a chain of words linked together to express a positive message carries enough strength to alter one’s mood for the better. Don’t believe me? Well, try sharing with friends and see how they react. Positivity is contagious, so beware.

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