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Quick Makeup How-to for the Airport

Most of us have been to the airport before and therefore know the rundown. There’s no question about getting to your flight on time, and in the early mornings especially, when your brain is just waking up…keeping track of time is key. Looking as if you didn’t just roll out of bed is also key! Under-eye bags are going bye bye at the end of this folks!

Why These Products Were Chosen

Color Corrector conceals discoloration in the skin and assists with hiding under-eye bags giving away how tired you are. Foundation provides an even layer over skin to finish the process of blending everything to one solid, beautiful skin tone. Blush adds life to those pale cheeks in the early hours, the amount you want shown is completely up to you. And lastly, Polished is the favorite of the four All Over Shimmers, perfect for adding a little bronze glow all over your face without looking as if you somehow spent hours on the beach before arriving. We call it the perfect hint!

Products Needed:

Suggested Brushes:

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