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Base Shade

It's not always easy to find skin tone correct shades without trying them on in person. That's why we offer our new tool - Base Finder, so you can try before you buy! If you still want to choose shades yourself, use this guide for selecting potential shades and determining which is your perfect match.

Step 1:

Identify your undertone by following these instructions. If you aren't sure what your undertone is, choose your sample shades from the two different undertones that you are deciding between. The correct one will become clear when swatching.

Step 2:

Identify your shade depth by choosing the woman that most closely matches your skin tone. If you think you may be between shades, choose one from each level based on your undertone. The correct shade will become clear when swatching.

Step 3:

Choose your colors and Swatch! When you receive your sample kit, take each shade out and swatch on your jawline, beginning with the lightest closest to the center of your face and the darkest closest to your hairline. Do this in natural light, and make sure to stripe enough product in a large area on your jawline. You should see the product on top of the skin, not blended like a regular mineral application. The color that matches your face and chest is your match (The middle color shown here is her perfect match.)

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  • Can you explain why the darkest one is not her color? I would have chosen that one.

    • Hi Katie!

      The darkest one is close, and it will more than likely be her "summer" shade. But as of right now, it looks too orange compared to the rest of her face and neck. I made the photo larger to see more clearly :) When a shade is too dark it will appear orange on the skin, too light will look ashy like the first option

  • Is true beige the darkest in the set of shades? To me it looked like medium tan may be but the beiges were below the tan. I have more yellow tones so do you think the tan would be better than beige?

    • Hi Tammy! They would both be good for yellow tones in the skin. The main difference between the two is True Beige is part of our Jojoba line, more moisturizing for drier skins, and Medium tan is part of our matte/semi-matte lines for normal skins. Matte is completely shine-free finish, and semi-matte leaves a bit of a glow behind.

  • I swatched Light Neutral on me and it looked quite good, but when I blended it on my whole face it was just a bit too dark and yellow. What would be about one shade lighter than Light Neutral, keeping in mind that I have quite neutral warm undertones? For reference, I am light like the girl in the picture, but am more a warm neutral as opposed to yellow/golden. Any help is much appreciated because I really want to buy a full size ASAP because waiting for samples to arrive will be another 2+ weeks!

    • Hi Emily! One shade lighter than light neutral keeping the same undertone would be Light Olive. If you want something in a more neutral undertone Fairly Light Neutral would be perfect, and it sounds to me like this one is what you need. :)

  • The step 1 link to find your undertones doesn't work. Do you have a store where a makeup artist can just do a makeover and tell me what I should buy? I'm one of those make-up color challenged people :) I live in Austin, if that makes it easier.

    • Hi Isabella! I fixed the link. Yes! We will have someone from our company at our retail shop at the Whole Foods in the Domain in Austin this Saturday from 10-2. We are also carried at Wheatsville Co-op in Austin.

  • Do you carry your products at any locations in Canada by any chance? I live in the Greater Vancouver area. Thanks!

    • Hello Anna,

      Currently, we don't sell our products to any physical stores in Canada but we have a distributor there, here's the link to their website: Thank You!

  • Why do the photos of the Jojoba bases look so different to their equivalent Matte/Semi-matte bases (by number)? Is that just the way the photo comes out, or are they actually a totally different colour range? Also, I've never in my life been able to figure out if I'm warm or cool (which I know probably means I'm neutral, but still, would be nice to be sure!) Do people ever send you photos of their faces for your advice? Otherwise I'm going to have to order about five 7 piece samplers to try everything :P Thanks

    • Hello Meg,

      The Jojoba line are a tad darker compared to their Matte and Semi Matte counterparts. We can gladly help you further in determining your undertone and base shade, simply email us at You can also send us a photo of yourself to make it easy for us to help you determine your base shade. We strongly suggest you try out some shades first through our 7 Piece Sample Kit before you decide to purchase a big size. Thank You!

  • Daniella June 6, 2014

    What products do you recommend for combination skin?

    • Hello Daniella,

      The Semi-Matte provides a subtle glow appearance and is formulated for normal to combination skin. Thank You!

  • confused June 6, 2014

    I agree with Katie! On my computer's screen, the one nearest her hairline almost disappears, and does not look orangey at all. The middle one looks too light. ???

    • June Campbell October 22, 2014

      I agree with the other comments, that the swatch on the far left looks like a perfect match. The middle one looks too light. Not understanding this!

  • I am having a difficult time with trying to pick out shades to try. I understand you have recently renamed products. May I ask what area to look in to find the base that was formerly known as linen? It was a neutral, but it had a sort of warm, golden shimmer to it when I wore it.

    • Hello Marie,

      The Linen base has been renamed as 1N Ivory. Thank You!

  • 1 word AMAZING

  • I'm having trouble figuring out my undertone or which skintone is closest to mine from your models. Can you advise me if I send a photo?

    • Hi Weston,

      Yes, we can gladly assist you on selecting your base shade. Please do send us a photo of yourself at and let us know about your skin tone/undertones. Thank You!

  • Hi!! Can anyone help me?? I used to buy the Matte foundation in "Sandy medium" and I can't find it anywhere, I running out of my foundation and I can't live without this product, plus that tone match my skin color perfectly. Please help, I'm kind of desperate x_x

    • Hi Jacdami,

      The 5W Golden Tan is the closest match in comparison to the Sandy Medium and Bare would be the closest shade in the Jojoba base line however Bare is slightly darker. We also offer the 7 Piece Sample Kit so that you can try out a variety of Base shades as well. Thank You!

  • Hi,
    Why did you stop making happiness Bronzer?
    You have disappointed so many of us with a dark skin.

  • WIlma West October 15, 2015

    Thank you in advance! Looking forward to trying your sample kit!

  • Been a user of EM for so many years and a big Jojoba fan. I have been happy with "Cream" but can't find a suitable color substitute now that you have changed the color line up. 1N Ivory is too yellow (formerly Linen), OC too fair, 1C still not quite right. Help! Any chance in getting my old fav "cream" again? If not, suggest some mixing ideas and I will be really, really happy!

    • Hi Karen,

      Currently, we do not have that shade available. But, it can be purchased here at They are quick to ship and they offer a volume discount (save 5%) when you purchase 4+. Here is the link: Thank You!

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