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A light essential color palette perfect for this season

’Tis is the season to have the perfect excuse to flaunt a vibrant and lusciously lovely you. Standout with these gentle colors, create a soft power makeup look and spread the light vibe around you.

You will need:

  • Field of Rose Blush
  • High Maintanance Shimmer Eye Shadow
  • 7th Heaven Shimmer Eye Shadow
  • Cinnamon Street Mineral Eyeliner
  • Smile Tinted Lip Balm
  • Base
  • Hint All Over Shimmer
  • Gimme a Kissimmee Bronzer
  • Flat Top Brush, and;
  • Double Perfect Eye Shadow / Eyeliner Brush


    1. Begin with a clean pallet. Apply moisturizer and conceal pesky areas.


    1. Build your foundation with your Base shade. Use EM Flat Top Brush and apply to your face in circular motion.

Flat Top Brush. Everyday Minerals

    1. Now it’s time to add a little twist by applying soft color of eye shadow. Using the smaller side of the Double Perfect Brush, put on High Maintanance Shimmer Eye Shadow in the eyelid.

Double Perfect Eye-Shadow / Eyeliner Brush. Everyday MineralsHigh Maintenance Shimmer Eye Shadow

    1. Use the flat and rounded side of your Double Perfect brush to highlight the brow bone with 7th Heaven Shimmer Eye Shadow. Extend the shadow to the outer corner of the eyes if desired to create a more dramatic look.

7th Heaven Shimmer Eye Shadow

    1. Touch up with Cinnamon Street Mineral Eyeliner to add a character.

Cinnamon Street Mineral Eyeliner

    1. Put more vibrant on your cheek with the Field of Rose Blush. Then, add more life to your glow with Gimme a Kissimmee Bronzer by applying a hint in a circular motion onto the apples of your cheeks. Finally, get your shine on by adding a touch of Hint All Over Shimmer.

 Field of Roses Blush
Gimme a Kissimmee Bronzer
Hint All Over Shimmer

  1. Wrap up the look and match this power makeup with Smile Tinted Lip Balm.

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