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Spring Blogger Love!

It's Spring... one of my favorite seasons! Flowers are blooming and the sun is warming up the soil, and there's just such a feeling of growth and regeneration in the air. Love!
Today, I am so excited to share with you a bunch of recent blogger love for some of our freshest products of the season. We recently launched two fantastic new kits, the first being the REAL YOU COMPLEXION KIT.
EM The Real You Kit

This kit contains all of your skin essentials for Spring... from beautiful bronzers to fabulous finishing dusts. Plus, you'll find the cutest Baby Flat Top Brush to apply these divine dusts. The REAL YOU COMPLEXION KIT was designed to let your beauty shine through, and enhance your complexion's natural radiance. 
Our other new kit (which I am especially crushing on) is our LOVE AT FIRST BLUSH KIT.
EM Love at First Blush Kit
If you're on the hunt for the most perfect assortment of rosy, feminine, gorgeous shades of blush for Spring - look no further! This delightful array of rosy tones, from neutrals to brights, warm to cool, will leave your cheeks feeling like the fairest of flowers.
I was thrilled that a bunch of my favorite bloggers, Instagram stars and YouTube vloggers were so enamored with these kits! The beautiful photos and videos that they shared with their loyal followers were just too amazing not to pass along to you!
Bloggers showed so much love for the LOVE AT FIRST BLUSH KIT, from Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn pretty rose-adorned image to An of Haute Pink Pretty's shot of her blushes that were perfectly complemented by the pink hue of her Chanel book. Christina of Trop Rouge also posted an adorable image of her favorite rosy blush, and Coury of Fancy Treehouse's photo of her daughter's hand grabbing for the blush just made me melt!
0 3_22_Pretty Little Fawn
0 3_29_Haute Pink Pretty Instagram
0 3_23_Trop Rouge
0 3_31_Fancy Treehouse
There was just as much love for the REAL YOU COMPLEXION KIT, as Christina of Trop Rouge so kindly shared another awesome photo with her followers of her new favorite Poised to Perfection Skin Tint, and fellow Texas-based blogger Jen of Deep in the Hart's super cool shot was so artistic! YouTuber beautybabexo24 also did a cool video review of this kit.
0 4_2_Trop Rouge Instagram
0 3_27_Jen Coleman Instagram
0 4_2_beautybabexo24 5
The blogger love didn't stop there! NYC-based model and all-around cool girl Natalie of Natalie Off Duty shared her slew of new EM products with her followers, and Kendra of Vlog with Kendra gave a shining review of our ALL SMILES BLUSH as a part of her recent Friday Faves video.
0 3_29_Natalie Off Duty Instagram
0 4_2_Vlog with Kenrdra 5
0 4_2_Vlog with Kenrdra 4
It makes me so happy to see all of these great women loving our products! 
Xo, C

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