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Hello All!

I am excited to begin spreading the word of amazing organizations who are doing so much good for our planet.


First up, we have the incredible organization ADOPT AN ACRE. Just like it sounds, everyday folks can purchase plots of land and protect the world’s most important and imperiled natural places!


ADOPT AN ACRE is a Nature Conservancy program that began in 1991, and for only $50 you can adopt an acre in the following locations:

In addition, for $50, you may plant 50 trees in Brazil's Atlantic Forest through our Plant a Billion Trees Campaign.

Of course, I am all for adopting the land at the Nash Prairie Reserve in Texas :)

More info about the Nash Prairie Reserve...

The 400-acre tract is one of the last remaining segments of the Great Coastal Prairie, which once encompassed six million acres between Lafayette, Louisiana and Corpus Christi, Texas. Nash is a pristine piece of prairieland, largely unaltered by man or machine. More than 300 plant species have been documented there, including several rare species and at least one type of grass thought to be extinct in Texas since the 1800s. Nash was once part of the KNG Ranch, which was run by Houston socialite Kittie Nash Groce. After she traded designer dresses for work boots, journalists described her as the “biggest rancher in Brazoria County to wear pants, lipstick and rouge.”

Love Kittie!!

Who out there is going to ADOPT AN ACRE?


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