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The Dewy Effect

To make your skin look as if it’s glowing from within, there are a few important steps you must take to achieve this. True beauty comes from within, and the best remedy for acne-prone or an aged complexion is a good balance of fruits and vegetables in your diet. It’s true that the raw, plant-based foodies tend to have the most amazing skin as they age! With this huge complexion helper incorporated carefully into your current eating habits, you may just not want to turn back. Along with this, we can definitely help with mastering the art of the youthful, dewy look.

Three simple steps is all it takes. Literally. Using the Blender Face Brush glide on Carina’s Hint All Over Shimmer. Next, apply our Polished All Over Shimmer for a subtle bronze glow. Lastly apply, in a circular motion, your choice of one of our new Luminous Blushes.

Tip: When applying blush keep in mind the intensity you want. The brush you use will make an impact on how much goes on, so choose according to what you wan achieved.

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