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Tips & Tricks

  • It’s getting warmer, how will you change up your skincare routine?

    We love celebrating the beginning of a fresh season, especially when it means vibrant new life in our gardens, our state of mind, and even our routines. As we say our final goodbye to winter, let’s look back at this past season and honor everything we experienced within it, bringing us to yet another season.

    Here’s to eliminating anything toxic (people and products) and inviting the new, fresh and clean. Let's collectively create new goals, and invite new beginnings this spring.

    Here are our top picks for spring skincare products that are sure to add extra freshness to your complexion this season.

    Jeffrey James' The Serum

    The Serum by Jeffrey James is a cult-favorite skin treatment for deep hydration and healthier skin. Hello bright, dewy skin! Crafted from the powerful while gentle balance of hyaluronic acid, Vitamins C and E. If you're looking to give your skin some extra TLC, then The Serum is your ideal choice. Read more

  • Are you new to EM or mineral makeup in general? Unsure where to begin? Foundation application, basics 101. Applying mineral makeup is way easier than you may suspect. I’m going to equip you with simple, but effective steps to begin or improve your everyday, simple makeup routine!

    I recommend using the Ultimate Buffing Brush, Artisan Kabuki Brush, or my favorite, the Ultimate Flat Top Brush. These are three must-have brushes when using mineral makeup. With the base of your brush, tap the jar of your foundation-of-choice into its lid and whirl the bristles of your brush into the minerals. Starting at the hairline, sweep the brush across your face in circular motions. Read more

  • Those closest to me know too well that one of my biggest battles (still ongoing) has been maintaining my skin's natural tendency to flare up. Having oily skin my entire life has been a struggle, but I'm so thankful for it because had my skin been any different, I might not have paid nearly as much attention to what I put on it and, of course, what I put into my body - which directly affects my skin's #MOOD. Although I haven't found the perfect regimen for my unique skin, I have discovered products that work for me. Yes, the nature of my skin is still fairly unpredictable, however with these products I have a way better handle on how my skin will glow that day. Let's get to it! Read more

  • Winter, spring, summer and fall, the dewy touch just looks amazing for us all. What we’re looking to do is keep products at minimal and get that healthy dewy glow. Read more

  • How do I choose the right shade of base for my face? What mineral foundation color will match me best? These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves at some point. Searching for the right shade shouldn’t be a daunting task. Truth is, it’s quite simple, and we are here to help break it down for you! Read more

  • The perfect eye look is not just about adding color to your lids and following up with your favorite volumizing mascara. Sometimes your eyeshadow looks beautiful, and other times it looks plain awful. Let’s avoid the latter. Read more

  • You could probably put on any lipstick shade and just easily get away with a mishap or two. But this isn’t the case for base shades. 

    Your best base shade should match your skin’s natural tone. We’re talking about makeup base that fits in your own skin tone. The right base gets you that flawless-looking skin, like you’re wearing your own. Just one step to flawless. We offer 5 free makeup samples that you can customize, just pay shipping. Read more

  • Budget Friendly Minis + Customize
    Full Size Makeup Bag Essentials

    There is something about that rosy cheek flushed makeup look that is so captivating to the eyes. They’re just so fresh and natural, wouldn’t you agree?  Read more

  • Why blend multiple colors when you can just be as gorgeous wearing one? 

    So here’s the trick using just Everyday Minerals White Primer and tools that you probably
    already have in your beauty treasury. This look is to match the monotone trend. Only that it’s
    way easier to create.
    Read more

  • What happens to your peeper when you put on one color of two different tones? Well, just a
    gorgeous gradient shade of eye makeup that is super easy to apply. All you need is your angled
    eyeshadow brush and two eyeshadow colors of the same complimenting shade. Read more