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Finding your Undertones

Now that you've identified your skin tone based on depth, it's important to identify your undertone to find your perfect match. We know that this can be a daunting task, but we're here to help! Remember not to factor in superficial colors on top of the skin such as red patches due to dryness or rosacea.

First remove all color surrounding you. Wear white, wrap your hair up in a white towel and remove all jewelry. Put yourself in natural light, and place a white sheet of paper next to your cheek. What do you see? If you see more blue and pink you are a (R)osy undertone. If you see more yellow and green you are a (G)olden undertone. Hard to tell? Don't stress, you are probably (N)eutral.

If you need more help determining your color, try our new Free Sample tool - Base Finder.

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  • i am accustomed to buying winged butter shade.... Which is it now??

  • Ashley May 13, 2014

    I previously used Light matte; which is it now?

  • Nicole May 20, 2014

    If I have rosy undertones, should I buy a base with warm undertones to balance out the pink?

  • Marisol August 19, 2014

    I previously used semi matte base olive medium, which is it now?

  • Andrell Nottage September 22, 2014

    When are you coming out with the 7C and 7W shades! I am really interested in having my mom try this out but the 7N looks too light for her.

  • I previously used semi matte base light natural , which jojoba base match for me?

  • i'm so confuse with the shade that perfect to me, i have asian skin and my skin are very fair. kind of light yellow skintone.
    i thought before to renewal, the linen or fariy light neutral will fit me. but i'm still not sure. what is difference with them and how it changed?

  • I'm light to fair skin with a slight tinge of olive color, but my cheeks are very red as with tip of nose. I tan good in moderate amounts of sun. I'm Thinking I'm a nertural but maybe wrong. I was gonna try 1 and 2 n and bare in jojoba. Also 2 c as well as 1 and 2. Am I going in wright or wrong direction. Was gonna get either color corrector green concealer or multi task concealer for dark circles as well as redness on cheeks.

  • I tried 5 samples and I think beige 3N semi-matte base is the best tone for me, BUT I do like the texture of jojoba, which jojoba base match for me?

  • Janet Sanchez December 22, 2014

    I am accustomed to buying Golden medium can you please tell me which is it now?

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