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Your Summer Bucket List

So summer has arrived. The sun is up most of the day and that practically means there is a lot of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors or do something new at home. Here are some of the many things you can do this summer.

Climb a Mountain this summer

Exploring the great outdoors

  • Climb a mountain! If you are up for the challenge, climb the highest peaks nearby.
  • Have a bonfire with friends. Bring out the guitar and good food!
  • Catch fireflies!
  • Go river rafting with friends.
  • Reconnect with nature and and go to a U-pick farm in your area.
  • Visit a few museums.
  • Stargazing. Great excuse to camp outside with the kids!
  • Go to a botanical garden or national park and do some nature photography.
  • Be a kid again and fly a kite!
  • Summer is also…gardening time!
  • Go biking on those nature trails.
  • Throw a vegan dessert challenge party outside. Everyone brings a sweet!
  • Wake up early to witness the sunrise.
  • Join a local women’s group.
  • Visit and support a farmer's market near you.
  • See about going to a concert (those are always fun).
  • Play your favorite childhood game! It’s never too late.
  • Ride a roller coaster for thrills.
  • Grab your bikini and head to the nearest beach!
  • If you’re stellar at running, see about joining a local marathon.
  • Road trip, baby!
  • Register for a fitness program. They’re likely to be discounted during summer!
  • Plan a picnic with your family.
  • Never had the time to? Take a tour of your city, or one nearby.

Things you can do indoors

  • Plan out a scene, and paint or draw it (you can do this outdoors too!).
  • Master new tasty recipes.
  • Learn a new language. Either in a class, or online.
  • Create your own summer plawylist. Hint: Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz have some good grooves to perfectly match with the summer sun.
  • Start an art project of your choosing.
  • Make a mind-blowing, healthy brunch for your family.
  • Set for yourself a summer reading list. (Ex: 5 novels)
  • Create a list of your favorite movies that you haven't seen in years. Watch them!
  • Clean up your closet. It’s summer cleaning time, get out your donation box!
  • Re-decorate your room. Make it unique.

There’s your big summer list! Get on it, and have some fun under the sun!

Share your bucket list for this summer in comments!

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